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Open ulcers under wafer finally healed!


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So a year and a half of nurses visits have finally come to an end. Two infusions of Remicade cleared them up.

What a frustrating time that was.

Woo hoo! :thumleft: Great they have cleared up. You deserve some good fortune. You must have gotten friendly with those nurses lol.


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Haha. So true.

I told my nurse Ionly wanted to see her in line at the grocery store or Tim Horton's getting coffee.

I'll post pic after my next wafer change.


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The bad one is pre-remicade. The other is after one dose (Only got one clear pic). I'll get some better pics after my next wafer change.

Even the stoma looks healthy now.
Haha. I don't blame you for saying that. Ooh Tim Horton's. I got addicted to their cinamon buns!

It's lucky we don't know how long the journey from A to B is going to be sometimes, but you got there on this one and thats the main thing.