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Opiates and LDN

Does anyone know if you can take opiates and ldn if you leave a long enough gap?

Took ldn this morning, it's now 7:40pm and I'm going off my head with pain, just want a break.



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My Wild Assed Guess would be that since Naltexone was designed to block the high, via pleasure receptors, when someone took opiates or alcohol for other than intended purposes... it shouldn't interfere with the pain blocking aspect of the opiate in question.

And, the dosage used in Low Dose Naltrexone are sooooo low... and of short duration, that it should be possible to take one without adversely affecting the other. but that is strictly my largely uneducated 'guess'.


When I wanted to go on LDN I couldn't get off of Immodium and Percocet and other pain killers. One of the big LDN pharmacists told me I needed to be off of them for about a month before starting LDN. So I never got to start LDN because of that.