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Organic Foods does not prevent Cancer


Women who always or mostly eat organic foods are no less likely to develop cancer than women who eat a more conventional diet, according to a study* published in the British Journal of Cancer.“In this large study of middle-aged women in the UK we found no evidence that a woman’s overall cancer risk was decreased if she generally ate organic food." - Prof Tim Key, study author

Cancer Research UK scientists from the University of Oxford found no evidence that regularly eating a diet that was grown free from pesticides reduced a woman’s overall risk of cancer




It depends what they ate. There are plenty of organic processed foods that are unhealthy too. I believe if someone eats a predominantly organic plant based diet focused on pure foods than the health risks will decline. Organic is better for our health and the environment. I hate studies like this because it can lead people down the wrong part.
The increase in cancer for Humans, and people in developed countries primarily, could be from ANYTHING. It could be teflon in most pans now, it could be from too much fluoride, it could be from too many multivitamins (300% of daily value of some vitamins), could be from too many lotions, potions, and hair product, it could be more and more vaccinations, it could be from bpa or microwaves, or wifi, or any other scientific advancements we all use and are surrounded with every day.
I like nogutsnoglorys answer...... Food plays a large role.. until something bad happens you dont see the value. Your bacteria in your gut swing different directions depending on what you eat.. dont trust me look at the american gut study. one thing i have done to myself in 2 years..

Its not like you can also look inside and see what food gives you problems..(well I say you can...fecal gut testing enterolab and blood testing-elisa act bio).Cancer is up
in my eyes , its up from the mass intake of SUGAR.... bad things we eat sugar BAD BACTERIA, bad yeast...eat sugar ---cancer eats sugar anything you buy has it in it...now When you ask someone how they eat and they say healthy -- its usually alot of fruit or alot of starches if they dont eat processed foods,, or maybe there vegan , normal meat and potatoes guy. Sugar is sugar....if your getting it from tons of yogurt, or grains, or starches etc -- it all digests as sugar... In my testing of my self in two years this has been key for me... and allowed me to alter my bacteria.. I know ive lowered some bad stuff.. Ive raised my good big time--it shows in my reports ...Ive lowered yeast greatly.. BACTERIA and YEAST eat sugar.... To get someone to remove sugar is almost impossible. I did it... its not easy , no fun
Theres more then one piece of the pie to this disease

I challenge anyone here with crohns to sign up and log into myfitnesspal.com ..."ITS FREE" create an account and log your food everything you eat daily for 2 weeks .... you ll notice that the sugar is HIGH...... from maybe to much milk , grains, starches-tubular- potatoes corn etc etc FRUIT focus on more low starch veggies and GREEN veggies... youll get sick just doing that.. as your bad bacteria will die if they cant eat(sugar)

If people cut back on that they could first see and use that to there health....This is the first place you have to fix and work.....When your in the food store its a square.. if you look around theres no reason for you to ever leave the outer square of the store.... fruit is now available year round too..the amount of sugar in fruit is alot...stay with your simple berries. If i want to eat strawberries every dam day 365 days a year I can.... it was never like that 30 to 40 years ago... if you dont drink soda and you drink diet soda.. you ll make up your sugar somewhere else... maybe fruit..or maybe that cake... just a little

Im new to this forum , Im sure people look at me strange etc-- but Ive found alot of negatives with this disease doing research (and man have i done alot).. Ive used my body as a test bed... the treatment and the protocols when you first get it are pretty dam negative in my eyes. If you were educated more about your gut, what lives in it..asked what you ve eaten your whole life, how many antibiotics you have taken over your life these factor in. if we were able to get better testing that insurance would pay for( ive spent alot to do what ive done--- i have been lucky I could afford it )...things would be a little different. Im sure most who had to go to the hospital in an emergency had a strange experience.

man i dont mean to sound harsh , bold and come off strong , but Ive changed alot and have seen things change alot in me while I document it ..it wasnt over night. IT took me a while to get like this... it certainly had to take time to change it

theres so many things that can cause an auto immune disease.. your immune system is weak the whole reason you get something.. when you dig deep , you see things that make you feel better really are making your immune system weaker many meds. Its a hard task for a doctor to find a problem . you the patient have to dig in and look back over your life things you did choices you made... or maybe a vaccine you got .. kids immune systems are not developed fully when they get shots... we are all different due to our genes and gut make up bacteria / yeast . Some do well , some dont the odds are higher more kids will be fine with them... some arent so lucky as they havent been introduced or produced enough protective bacteria in there systems..so your putting in problems

I look back on my self..... I always ate healthy( what i thought was for my system turned out to be wrong)... Im 41 from 20- 41 . I drank my fair share of beer...had the wine with ladies.. i can say I had steroids two times in my life when i was sick.. I can say ive had antibiotics at least 8 times/ different kinds in 40 years.. Ive eaten my fair share of TRASH pizza , and sugar ... not every day.. But looking back what I know today I wouldnt have done it. I now follow a low sugar/starch /paleo diet after altering my foods from results ive gotten in many tests and I feel DAM good....

also --- like nogutsnoglory said there are bad processed organic foods.. when you walk into a health food store , where all vegans , gluten free , etc people shop... when you walk around and read labels -- you are eating potato flour, rice flour or corn.... what are these there DIGESTED AS SUGAR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> do the test. I was there when I first got sick I said Im eating organic , going to the vegan store.. etc you know what vegans get celiac, crohns etc etc too......
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to me its about knowing what bacteria you have in you....are the good ones low... are you missing important strains??? Is your yeast high... do you have bad strains in you-- what kills them.. what things should i eat .. Ive read studies that say some bacteria will eat the protective lining you have if they dont have what they need to eat.. others will help add to your lining..

your doctor doesnt look at any of this......stuff they weren't taught that.. they were taught to help you, comfort you and make you feel better..They do a dam good job in most cases with what they have to work with That part above is your job

This worked for me...


Bourbon Bandito
With the exception of pesticides that can be absorbed into some produce (even then the information is dubious as to the danger), there is no major nutritional difference between conventional and organic produce. There have been countless studies and not a single one has shown that organic produce is more nutritional.

The value with organic lies with the fact that they usually grow heritage varieties and are quite often local and that produces a better quality plant. I would rather a local conventionally grown tomato from small farm nearby than an organic one from across the country.

I stand completely behind free range and organic meat, dairy, grass fed beef etc., because cows weren't meant to eat grain, chickens aren't meant to have a corn based diet. That nutritional difference in organic and conventional animal products has been proven.


I always try to buy organic due to a number of reasons, for instance animal welfare, (normally) local produce, taste.

Saying that I do get excited by these studies, even when it goes against my expectations. Ok, it's not saying that organic is a waste of time nor bad for you, but it shows there is no correlation with cancer. Even if it goes against all you believe in, it's scientific research and there should be no doubting that (especially from a body and the amount of data like this).

I'm just glad people are doing these studies and we are understanding exactly how much interaction ingredients are having on our bodies.


I just question the validity of some of these studies. The industries are very powerful and will do anything to protect their interests.
Vonfunk has a major point on the cows...look up grass feed vs grain feed..youll see the fats are healthy in grass due to omega 3 and the grain omega 6 more inflammation milk today at the store today has almost no value... all the good bacteria is gone...the fats are removed and its all omega 6

Google the cows genes youll see they have now created a different cow... me i by some stuff organic or local farm if I can..... berries are a must in the usa...google the posion suits they wear to grow those big ..
ass strawberries. I rant on here about .your bacteria gut makeup.. these pesticides dont belp you rebuild your gut or does the nasty sink tap water
The only thing I know is that home grown veggies and fruit,tomatoes,potatoes and strawberries taste so much better than anything from a supermarket,just wish I had a garden big enough to grow more.