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Organic foods

I am curious... has anyone tried switching to an organic diet? If so, have you noticed any changes? I have tried other dietary changes and herbal supplements, each of which has helped somewhat, and in combination with each other they seem to work pretty well for me. Organic is the next change I am about to make so I am interested to know what others may have experienced with this :)


Been mostly organic for years, it doesn't change the course of IBD but still overall why not choose natural. I'm sure my body will appreciate the chemical free foods.
I raised my son on 90% organic food and he got Crohn's. I still buy organics, but not because I think they prevent or cure Crohn's.
I buy local and organic now, but I also just eat whole foods, so who knows if that's helping or not. I am a little more lenient with produce, but meat, seafood, and eggs are a different story. They have more nutritional value, plus they're tastier (I am not just saying that). You will get the hang of finding great deals. :)
Ok, I do try to buy organic but more because if the tomato looks uniformly red these days, it had help. Especially if it was grown in the Netherlands or Belgium, or Normandy, or anywhere in northern europe in Feb :ycool:

There is a taste difference too - organic potatoes have a nicer taste than the other ones. In my humble opinion - I'm Irish so I know my potatoes :lol:

Do I think it makes a significant difference to my IBD - no. And it usually makes a significant difference to my wallet.

A friend of mine is raising her children on the organic only diet. Other factors are at play of course, but they always have some ailment going on.
It sure as chips isn't the organic diet that is helping them resist colds etc.

All that said, when I eat meat, I prefer it to be organic. Purely because of antibiotics that are used in animal feed, and the taste difference again.
I've tried eating organic here and there to find it's impossible to notice a difference in my quality of life.

Considering I have grandparents that made it to 93 without eating organic - I have very little concern that non-organic foods are the cause of my illness and suffering. Mind you they have health ailments of their own, but who doesn't by that age.

Otherwise, I just see it as primarily an investment you will likely never see a return on. Unless of course you find more joy in eating organic carrots and burgers than their non-organic counterparts. I think many shoppers, especially those with chronic illnesses, feel compelled to keep striving for everything they consume to be "pure", "natural", and perfectly safe. Unfortunately, I think Organic marketing unashamedly feeds on the hysteria of our current auto-immune disorder / health epidemic.

Regardless of my views, if you can afford it and still live the lifestyle you want, then go for it. If cost were no concern I would probably be all organic everything too.
I've heard anecdotaly some people say they have worse reactions to ultra-pasteurized organic milk than to standard milk, and tend to handle raw milk best.

Unfortunately a lot of organic pre-made foods use canola oil. It really bothers me that organic mayo has it. I have very bad reaction to canola so I have to avoid it.
How did it make a huge difference? Elaboration is always welcome.
It made a huge difference in a couple ways. First, my cholesterol levels went from 244 to 172. Also, I became no longer deficient in vitamin D and my RBC count improved. Second, I lost some weight, which I needed to lose...
And most importantly, I feel much better day to day. I use to eat dinner and then literally lay on floor for the rest of the night bloated and tummy grumbling and occasional partial SBO. Now I just feel so much better and have better energy. I've been on the same meds for over a decade (budesonide 9mg, Lialda, and remicade - just to name a few) I have tried multiple times over this period of 10 years to cut back and have never been successful. Since starting Paleo, I've cut back to 6mg of budesonide and am doing well, also cutting back on omeprazole.
I know it won't work for everyone, but for me and my "type" of Crohns it really has changed my life.
The diet is expensive, time and energy consuming, but it gets easier as you get the hang of it, and really for me it is easy to stay on because I feel so much better.
Thanks for asking! :)
I try to eat mostly organic, non GMO, gluten free. I find that eating more gluten free items helps more than eating organic. I eat the organic because I don't want added hormones and chemicals...I eat gluten free because it makes me feel better physically...less bloating, gas, and general tummy rumbling.
Organic or gluten made little difference.

The less I ate at restaurants (esp national chains who overuse processed foods and preservatives), the less trouble I had.
Organic or gluten made little difference.

The less I ate at restaurants (esp national chains who overuse processed foods and preservatives), the less trouble I had.
Totally agree...eating out a lot will tear me up!

Wingedvictory- we cannot compare our food today to what our grandparents ate...GMO foods (foods modified to resist pesticides and resist bugs) didn't become the majority until the 1990's. We also have the issue of smaller farmlands that have nutrient deficient soil. Food also wasn't filled with as many preservatives back then...Many of which are known to irritate the digestive tract.

Until the food industry can take the excess chemicals out I will be forking over the money to get organic, non GMO, and gluten free whenever possible. They are adding these chemicals to "benefit" us, but I believe they only do it because it is easier, less expensive and more profitable for them.
hi, i feel much better with organic. Less bloating, can use organic dairy with no probs, i do not eat meat, can now eat organic eggs but not reg. i can eat organic vegs, fruits even potatoes. I sneak a pastry, and all hell breaks loose, lol so there may be something to the grain and sugar causing issues with ibd/inflammation that was recently reported. I can eat organic rice cereal the koala ones with a organic banana and no issues.
I have struggled with my weight for sometime now, even though i am underweight, i get told i am looking healthy ;) i contribute that to organic so whatever works for each...

as for the 90 year olds, when they were our age they did not have what is in our food growing up....so eating organic would have been silly then. If you think about it, obesity was not an issue, and IBD is growing in numbers every year, as is cancers, and other ailments. I am not suggesting it is our food but wtf is it. We are advanced in all areas of science and yet here we are........... they just gave 3 years to get the saturated fats out of our foods so obviously an additive, oil, whatever has a possibility to contribute to a condition or has potential to cause. I don't feel i need to be told what is bad for me to consume if i eat it and it makes me feel like crap, it's kinda like punching yourself in the face and wondering why your face hurts.

cheers ~ if you feel good eating organic ~ cheers if you don't...