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Organising a holiday and Crohn's

Background: I'm in the UK, I've had Crohn's for almost twenty years (no surgery needed, occasional steroids, mesalazine the whole time), and I've seemingly found a balance that works for me with a very limited set of 'known safe' foods, and eating one or two 'chance' foods a week equally spaced out. If I deviate from that routine, it'll start to show in bowel movements, and if I ignore that then the wheels start falling off of remission. The last time I had a flare-up was earlier this year (what a flare-up is for me these days is despite reverting to a safe diet without any chance foods and no deviations, I have to use a maximum dose of mesa for several weeks before things truly calm down).

In this time the only holidays I've taken were to the in-laws in Germany plus one to Ireland with my parents and wife for a couple of weeks. During that holiday, I deviated from 'the balance' and the wheels started to fall off partway through the holiday. My wife and I need a holiday, there's no question about that (a lot of family problems in the last few years), and visiting in-laws is more like a commitment than it is a holiday, at least for me.

How do you all balance your dietary needs and going on holiday? One thought is to go for a holiday in the UK, somewhere with self-catering, perhaps take some food with me and ensure that there's a reasonably-sized supermarket near by, but I'm wondering if hotels are a no-go for anything more than say a weekend-length holiday, perhaps a week on the outside (and I guess I ought to play it very safe leading up to the holiday).


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One option to look at if going on holiday is to book through Air b n b or something similar - then you could have your own kitchen to cook in. Also, some hotels (at least here in the US) offer 'suites' with kitchens at the price (or slightly higher) than a regular hotel room - Homewood Suites by Hilton is one that I use fairly regularly when traveling for more than a night or two at a time.

Also researching where you are going as far as food options is a good idea - a couple years ago I spent just under 3 weeks in Puerto Rico for work, and was able to manage any dietary needs.....this coming summer we will be taking a 3 week holiday to celebrate my daughter graduating from high school and will be traveling/on a cruise.

I don't let my diet slow me down, and do take it easy if I feel the need....
I would also recommend trying to find a place that has a small kitchen so you can prepare your own meals. If that doesn't work and it's only for a few days, pack some non-perishable "safe" foods that you know you won't regret eating a few minutes afterward.