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Hi I'm Rhu

I was diagnosed with Crohn's 4 years ago, after suffering for many years with what my GP misdiagnosed as IBS. Eventually they stuck a camera up me and discovered severe Crohn's, after 2 years of Humira and Mercaptopurine (Evil stuff), and in hospital every month, they removed my large bowel and a good meter of my small and left me with my little Stoma (who I've named Stanley). 2 years later and the darned stuff is back again. This time on Stelara and with much better results. I also have PCOS, Antiphospholipid Syndrome and incredibly warped sense of humour.

Ok that's the medical bit out the way. I live with my partner (who has the patience of a saint), 3 cats, people think I'm weird because we don't own a TV and I'm a huge nerd. I'm talking dungeons and dragons, reading 10+ books a week, running around as an elf or dragon nerd.

So Hi all.
I think "incredibly warped sense of humour" is your best feature! I have nothing to offer you medically. 30 yrs Crohn's. Never your meds and temp ilistomy - reversed now. Good luck and someone with med info should answer soon.
Thanks Dyana,

I'm not looking for an answer, just wanted to say hi. Every day is different and some have their own challenges, but I do have a great support system and happy to chat to anyone about it if needed.


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A sense of humor is what one needs when living like this. I've been on The Bag now for nearly 20 years. Doc first thought it would be temporary, but due to the complicated nature of the plumbing the bag is permanent. I have little to offer medically speaking other than managing Chrons with diet after some bad reactions to other meds.
I still laugh when I think of the surgeons going in to remove only a little bit and then it turning into one of those magic tricks where they keep pulling, scarves from a hat style. :)