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Ostomy awareness shirt

I ordered one, not sure if I will be game to wear it out, but at home and hospital pJ's would be ok.

I just want the design to go to print so you funky young ostomates and strut your stuff. Me, I'm too old and tired to rock that design.
Haha...don't have an ostomy but found this amusing! I also like 2thfairy's icon that says "strut with your front butt".
Ooh...the shirt could say "ask me about my ostomy!"
I loved the video for it, but don't think I'd have the balls to wear it.

What Jessica is doing though is brilliant. I really hope she is successful with it.
We are twins, I too had the same surgery and a permanent ileostomy. Another great website for t-shirts and great booty shorts is Aweostomy.com. I just joined this site and wanted to learn more about treatment and being connected to those who experience the pain!
Debra, welcome to the forum!

In the stoma subforum up at the top, we have a few threads that discuss supplies, clothing, and helpful tips. If you have any, feel free to add.

We have a lot of fun around here, but if you have a serious issue, we are good for that too. :)


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Janette, thats a great idea - I'm definitely getting one to wear for pj's.
Debra, welcome to the forum. 2thfairy summed it up pretty well - fun and seriousness.
I had mine 2weeks ago and I've worn it 2ce no one has asked me everyone has stared :/ I don't understand the stigma around it. It really needs 2 be sorted


I didn't get one of these shirts, but did get 2 from awestomy.com and I've worn them out many times. They're awesome!
Love the little song at the end ov the video. :D

I would not have the courage to wear one, but I think I will go like her on Facebook. ;)