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Ostomy belt idea

I've been thinking for a little while about how bad the idea of just a two point belt attachment system is for the ostomy, well at least for me. How would you guys think of a four point system where the belts could offer more support and offer a better pressure on the stomach. Sorry, this is not written better. Just woke up from my afternoon nap and thought I'd share it. I'm hoping to ask convatec if they would mind trying this idea in the future because, at least for me, it would better hold things in place.

God bless and have a great day

I think your idea is great. I always wear a belt. I get double wear time out of my bag because of them. I just sometimes feel technology and innovation is lacking in the ostomy product world. You're idea is a step in the right direction!


Having a hernia, a belt would be great for support. The hernia support systems they have arent great. I'd like to see a better product on the market for those, and I have some ideas about it as well.

Bring on the new products!
Yeah the one I have is rather strange because the way my body is I get upward pressure put on my wafer which pulls it up and into my stoma. I also can't wear the tape because I'm allergic so we'll just have to see what's up. Maybe they would at least entertain the idea of listening to me
I have the same issue, but my pulls down int omy stoma and I'm alleric to tape as well. It all on your shoulders Jeff to save us all.. and if you make millions doing it more power to you!