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Ostomy clothes vs. Maternity Cloths

Since I've had my ileostomy I've had to stop wearing jeans. No matter what style or fit I've tried, they all are uncomfortable because they either rub right in the dead center of my stoma or they cut off the "flow". So I've gotten a lot of use out of legging and dresses, especially since I've gone back to work.

Recently a [pregnant] friend suggested maternity pants. She said the stretch band might be more comfortable for me, and I'd still get to wear jeans! I ordered a pair and they will be here next week! I've never really been one to focus on clothes, but before my ileostomy I literally wore jeans/pants EVERY DAY. And right now they are all packed away until after my reversal...

Have you tried maternity clothes? What are some other clothing adaptations that you've made to make sure you're comfortable but still allow you to wear your favorite clothes?

*Note, I also wear a wrap from ostomysecrets almost every day.
I still wear jeans every day, but I wear them a little lower on my hips and wear the bag on the outside instead of tucked inside the jeans. This doesn't work for everyone, however. There are several people (men as well) that wear maternity pants and shorts because of the elastic waistband on the front. I bet you will be happy with them!
I found 'regular' jeans to be harder to wear, but on a lark, I tried on some skinny jeans, which I never thought I'd be able to wear, and surprisingly, they are the best fit of any of the jeans I've tried. I think this has to do with the fact that skinny jeans have a certain percentage of spandex/lycra in them, and that allows for stretch and give.

My stoma is a bit lower, so I don't wear low rise jeans (and I'm too old for it anyways!). The jeans I wear sit just slightly above my stoma and it works out okay. The best fitting ones I bought at The Gap because they had different styles of skinny jeans and I could actually find ones that accommodated my stoma.

When I first had my ileostomy, I did wear maternity jeans, and they were quite comfortable. If you're not able to find jeans that work for you, I hope you like how you feel with maternity jeans!

The maternity jeans arrived yesterday and I am in love! They are so comfortable and the band is stretchy enough where I don't feel like my stoma is constricted! I'm so happy I can finally wear jeans again! :dance:
I wouldn't wear anything else other than maternity jeans .
So comfy and if you get over the bump ones, they support your pouch a bit too.
I get mine from either Gap ( love their girlfriend cut ones ) or Mothercare.
i was struggling with this for a while. My mum suggested maternity clothes to me but I couldn't face it! Finally found that h&m do SUPER LOW skinny jeans. I now wear them with my wrap just over the waist band a little so my stoma bag is at full length. The wrap also just looks like a tank top coming out under my regular top. Feel like myself again, would definitely recommend it :)


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I find maternity jeans a great idea but have yet to find the right pair. I have a very large tummy and very skinny legs. I bought some skinny maternity jeans and while they were good as far as the stretchy bit goes, the actual waist band still cut my bag in half. I'll try wearing my bag on the outside covered by my wrap and see how that works.
In the meantime where does everyone buy their jeans from - online or instore?
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In summer I live in dresses - not maternity ones although I look nine months pregnant anyway. A woman asked me the other day when my baby was due,,,,,,,rather than getting upset I laughed and thanked her for the compliment as I am 53. It helped ease her embaressment and there is no point in me getting upset over something which is 90% caused by this disease, medications and side effects. The other 10% is due to lack of will power. Anything cinnamon will do me. Fortunately we dont have cinnabons in Australia yet although I am going to Hawaii in a few weeks. Yumm.
I'm in the UK and generally buy from Mothecare , not sure if they operate in Australia, I've bought in-store and online, Gap only sell maternity wear online for some reason.
Have you tried " over the bump" ones ?, every manufacturer is different but my over the bump ones come right up to my boobs ! lol, I'm a size 12-14, so not exactly skinny "sob ".
Under the bump ones are quite short in the belly bit but still sit over my pouch, I don't find them as comfy though.
What about going up a size ?.


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The ones I bought are low with an over the bump stretchy bit that yes went up to my boobs too. I just find the low bit really uncomfortable around my lower abdomen and they cut the bag in half if i have them tight enough not to fall off and they get too baggy in the legs. But I haven't really shopped around so I'll look in to what Gap have online and maybe mothercraft too.