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Ostomy products

Hi all! I hope you can help me out.

Can you recommend a really good ostomy belt with hernia prevention/protection that's fairly breathable? I've tried the phoenix binder but it didn't prevent prolapse the other day while playing volleyball. I see many of you are very active so I'm wondering how you protect your stoma while doing things like running, jumping, swimming, etc...

Also, I am having a problem with the top of the bag constantly flapping over and creating a bulge. Have you had this problem? Any suggestions on how to keep it from happening? Right now I usually wear a tight tank under my shirt to help it stay put, but with spring and summer around the corner I don't want to wear any more layers than I have to.

Thank You!!! :)


I can't help you with the belt/prolapse question as I don't have that problem...but I just put a bit of medical tape over the top of my bag to keep it in place. I've also folded it down into my waistband to keep it out of the way too.
My stoma faces up, and fills up the top near the filter. Maybe taping the flap down will prevent that too. What happens when your stoma prolapes? Do you have to go to the doctor? It's only been 6 weeks for me, so I haven't done anything too active yet.
Hi Kris!
A prolapse means that some of the intestine has come through the stoma itself. I went to the local ER and by the time I got to a bed most of it had gone back in by itself. The stoma was working just fine so they let me go home. I had no pain. He told me it happens sometimesl. It's just my luck - there are many people on here that are very active and have never had a problem. My doc said I was fine and I can continue to be active!