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Ostomy products

I did post this question , but silly me went to enlarge the font on my phone and deleated it.

My question is what ostomy products do you use and why.at the moment I use dansac , and have recentley had samples from colplast and salts. Im having problems with my stool not going down into the bag and they are busting quite often, any advice as to what may help or products that you have found better if you have this problem
thank you
I use holister bags with moldable barrier rings, I rarely have a problem with them.you could either contact a stoma nurse and ask them to change your products or if your hospital has an IBD nurse they should help too. You could also contact different companies and ask for samples and see what suits you best.


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I have been using both Hollister and Convatec. Hollister started giving me problems due to poor adhesion and I switched to Convatec. I use the two piece system with a standard drainage clip. I prefer the curved drain clips from Hollister as the Convatec clips are straight and tend to pop open causing a mess when catching on my clothing.

I recently tried some samples from Coloplast but did not like how the thing drained with the velcro strap instead of the clip. It was also messy around the drain spout, poor design in my opinion.