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I am a UK resident and I have just spoken to a representative at Ostomysecrets.com - they told me they are no longer shipping to non US addresses. I have to say I'm actually pretty annoyed about this...

I am interested to see how many people this will affect - personally I feel their men's underwear products are excellent. I was trying to order $250 worth of products, but alas they are not interested in shipping to me any more!

Can we start a group to lobby them - that if not for financial gain, for moral harmony they should not make their products exclusive to US ostomates only!


In the meantime, can you get one of our US members to help you out? You could have your stuff shipped to them, and then they could forward it on to you. Not sure if that would be very economical, but might work?


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I agree with Nyx re the shipping. Although not ostomy supplies I have had US members ship stuff to me and I have shipped creams to members in the UK. Might be a good stop gap measure.

Dusty. :)
I use to work for a private mail center and we would forward stuff worldwide. Some countries customs do do allow cretin items to enter.
overseas mail from the us is normally cheapest. here is a link from USPS. http://pe.usps.com/text/Imm/fh_014.htm
the customs can be tricky so you might check with your local post as well
I would be more than willing to receive a shipment for you and forward it on. I agree they should offer International shipping...doesn't make a lot of sense to cut it out, but I use their products and would be pretty frustrated if I couldn't get them anymore.

I also get an Employee discount at FedEx so the shipping from me to you shouldn't be all that bad. :)
Shank, thanks so much for the offer. I was trying to place an order with ostomysecrets before I go on holiday but now there is not enough time unfortunately.

I have found a new supplier of similar products in the UK (Comfizz). I'll post my review of their products when I receive them.
Hi minionaire
I'm feeling your pain. I order their wraps, and I am getting close to needing to replace them. I am just 'mad' that they have pulled their international shipping. I finally found a great product that makes me feel secure and discreet and whammy, they move the goal post. Errrrrrrrrr