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Our SCD Journey


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Most of you know the background but if you are interested here is the history https://crohnsforum.com/threads/heard-from-doc-today.35732/page-12.

Basically my 20 year old is being told there aren't any more pharmaceutical options that will work for her. She is on Entyvio and she is at about 70% now so it is doing something but it needs help in order for her to avoid surgery. Plus she is on double dose and insurance isn't likely to keep approving that and the concern is what do we do as she fully tapers steroids and entocort and Entyvio goes back down to 300mg?

So we are trying strict SCD under the guidance of our GI and a nurse practitioner who has used the SCD for her husband who has had Crohn's for 17 years and has used the diet exclusively for 15 years and maintained remission. She has counseled many patients on the diet and walks the walk so I feel we are in good hands there.

She explained the diet is a therapy and just like all therapies it might work and might not but it can't hurt so we figure it is worth a shot. I happen to have another daughter with Crohn's and a type 2 diabetic husband so I might get a lot of bang for my buck here.

We did the intro but only for 3 days as she was already losing a good deal of weight and the SCD diet generally causes weight loss and she doesn't have a lot to spare. Weight loss also causes her to flare terribly. Plus she is only home 2 weeks and her GI wants her to have the "mommy" support with regards to finding recipes that work etc. Intro varies by person anyway and depends how severe you flare is also. Our NP told us her husband just jumped full on into the diet, no intro phase but she didn't advise this for us.

We also didn't do the intro as described in BTVC (Breaking The Vicious Cycle book) but stuck with easily digested foods and stuck as close as possible to BTVC. The whole family is doing the diet. We are going to be strict with it and then if she achieves remission and after some time in remission we might add some SCD "illegal" foods but most likely only those on the modified version of the diet. Things like oatmeal, maple syrup....not the big offenders like wheat and sugar.

We are also going to add a food a day instead of a food every 2 days as described in BTVC, again in order to build her repertoire quickly before going back to school.

I thought I would detail our journey here in case it helps anyone else or in case you are just plain interested.

I will from time to time post our menus and recipes in case that helps anyone. But also, I find these threads a sort of medical journal and it helps me remember what happened when etc.

So for the first day we ate:

Scrambled eggs (just the eggs no milk)
Shredded cheddar cheese - we bought a block of cheese and shredded it ourself. You have to be careful with packaged shredded cheese as they might use anti caking agents and those are SCD Illegal.
Sliced avocado
Baked apples - peeled...that is important in intro stage. We added cinnamon and nutmeg...also have to be careful with some powdery spices and make sure anti caking agents haven't been added. Added a bit of honey to them.
Ground beef patty w/shredded cheddar
Roasted zucchini - peeled with olive oil and salt. O LOVES this and eats it like candy
More sliced avocado
Homemade chicken soup - drained out the onions and celery kept in the chicken and carrots
Pure apple cider
Tropicana OJ - SCD legal if you buy the one that does not have Vitamin D or Calcium added. Read the labels....only 100% juice.

Second day:
Pretty much the same except we ate Roasted butternut squash instead of zucchini.

Third day: repeat of day 1.

INTO OVER! HURRAY! We planned it to end in time for Christmas Day. So now we get to add a food. O picked almond flour because that opens up baking.

I also wanted Christmas to be special (we are Italian so food makes everything special in our eyes) so I searched for SCD legal bacon. It is hard to find. No sugar, no fenugreek and no celery powder (remember those darned caking agents). You could call the companies and ask them if their celery powder has caking agents but it was the weekend and I didn't have time plus I have trust issues. I found this one but it isn't stocked in stores near me https://pedersonsfarms.com/2017/01/06/uncured-no-sugar-hickory-smoked-bacon/. So I thought I would give prosciutto a try. Just pork and salt. IT WORKED! Tastes like bacon! And some would say a bit healthier. Heat oven to 400, I cut it to bacon size and baked it for 20 minutes. Took it out for a few minutes and it crisped right up. My picky 25 year old said that if a restaurant served her this a bacon she wouldn't even know the difference. Being an ex vegan, I have a recipe for mushroom bacon but would have to fiddle with it a bit to make it SCD legal so will let you know what I come up with.

There is a lot of discussion around bacon in SCD circles. Some say you could have it with sugar but only a little and once a week or month etc. I chose not to even try it since we are so new. The prosciutto worked fine and we shouldn't have it that often anyway.

We didn't love the baked apples and were really missing raw fruit so we also had apples slices with the skin (allowed in second stage). This probably means we are adding two foods as even though she was eating apples they weren't raw and they were peeled but oh well.

We found SCD legal English Muffins BUT they were made with almond and coconut flour so now we are probably up to three foods. Not illegal but will make it more difficult to decipher if she has a problem, which food caused it. I will jump off that bridge when I come to it....It is Christmas!

So today we are feasting!

Scrambled Eggs
Avocado slices
Apple slices
Prosciutto "bacon"
Apple cider
English muffins - this brand https://eatmikeys.com/products/original
Chicken Soup
Chicken piccata (made with almond flour)
Roasted zucchini
I was out shopping and needed an emergency snack. I found crackers made of cheddar cheese and munched on them. I am assuming legal but I have no idea if they use shredded cheddar that might have had a caking agent or not. I have a friend who works for the company. I will ask them and get back to you. Brand name is Whisps.
I might try to make an apple cake with the almond flour if I have time (if it turns out good I will post recipe)

For those of you wondering why I haven't mentioned the yogurt yet, it is because my machine just got here yesterday! We put in a batch and it will be ready at 11 p.m. tonight! We used Dannon whole milk plain yogurt as our starter. I will let you know how it goes!

The premade items I mention are expensive. I am going to try to make more at home but with the holidays and just starting this journey I bit the bullet and went with the pros. I also didn't want to try recipes and have them be complete failures as that might turn her off from the whole thing.

She is only down one pound from before starting. She was already losing weight so not ready to say it is SCD and actually her weight loss has slowed since starting so we will see on that front.

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and wish you all a Happy New Year.
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A few companies to look at that we used:
US Wellness Meats (meats with no additives)
Liberated Specialty Foods (mail order special SCD foods)

I think it is wonderful you are all doing the diet with her. It will help her to find solutions (brain trust).

I think small amounts of dry wine are legal, if I remember correctly.😉
I still use our SCD yogurt. We buy starter in bulk from Yogourmet in Quebec, but you have to get the one good for SCD diet (they have another starter with more strains but some bacteria aren't great for IBD).
If she likes cream cheese you can strain the yogurt in a yogurt bag when you are done and it makes a good, softer cream cheese.


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Yep! I found those companies this weekend! Thanks! Keep the tips coming! I didn't know (or more likely remember) that you guys tried SCD.

She likes cream cheese but now that she can't have a bagel what's the point?! Kinda the way I feel about being allowed to have cheese...if I can't wine with it what's the point?! 😂 The instructions we got were no alcohol and then I was on an SCD site and someone mentioned small amounts of very dry wine are o.k. Then I realized O got the no alcohol instructions because duh she is still seen by pediatric docs! So how small is this amount?! LOL I am kidding. I actually prefer to just stay away.

O.K. so now I have to get a "yogurt bag". Bet that cream cheese will come in handy in a number of recipes.

The family raved about dinner tonight. The girls loved it and O said she will make it once a week at school. Yay! Again, as an ex vegan I am concerned about the health effects of all the butter and animal products but I am going with it and not restricting her too much up front. She is restricted enough. Got to get her comfortable with the diet and excited about it and then I will ask her to reign it in. As it is without pasta and bread I would venture to say she is eating a lot more fruits and vegetables anyway.

We also had about half a Lara Bar each so guess we just added another ingredient (Cashews).

I wrote to the company that makes Whisps and they responded that no anti caking agents are used. They make the cheese and shred it themselves right before making the crackers. Working on getting it in writing.

Here is the recipe for the chicken piccata we made tonight https://comfybelly.com/2013/06/chicken-piccata/
What you are doing here is fabulous. We appreciate you documenting this. It will definitely help people in the future. I wonder what people who don't eat meat do? If ever this diet needed to be tried here, it would be challenging as we don't eat meat, but I love how you are putting together your menus and brands of legal items. Thank you so much for sharing. Wishing O continued success on this. I'm glad you were able to have a good eating experience at Christmas with this diet. Way to go mamma!
You can also make homemade Lara Bars if you want to keep the added foods to a minimum. Not too much work. If you are using cashews, great. But you can make them with almond butter too, or whatever.

We did do the SCD twice. In lieu of a yogurt bag you could use several layers of cheesecloth, it works.

So you may be spending whole days in the kitchen! But Italian Mamas love that, right?

Cheese? Grated cheddar baked for a short time = cheddar crisps.

We also had a vegan diet experience. It "felt" much healthier than SCD but these kids seem to have a need for animal protein that is beyond normal.

Keep up the good work! And keep posting! We all are hoping this will work.


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Yes there are people who do it with just the eggs and just eggs and cheese. We also like to stay away from animal products but with O's weight there was no way they would lets do it without meat, chicken fish etc. Maybe once she is stable we can start cutting back but from what I understand it is challenging considering vegan/vegetarians rely on grains for a lot other variety in their diet.


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I know O has been forced into this, but way to go O for giving it a try and doing it properly!! And I'm also really impressed that you got the whole family to do it - it will be a great support to O if you're all trying it! I tried to do that when we tried gluten-free (and that is SO much easier than the SCD) and my older daughter and husband revolted within a few days :rolleyes:.

I'm glad you are doing it this way because you can support O - instead of her doing meal planning and research, you can do it - she can follow your meal plans. You could even get groceries delivered to her. I know how busy college students are and she is always super busy - 6 classes, swimming and other extracurriculars etc. and this way with you helping, maybe it'll be a little easier on her.

All that said, my kiddo has food related accommodations in her accommodation plan. The Disability Services office at school set up a meeting with her and the head of food in the dining halls. She talked to them about the need for low fat, low fiber, bland food for when her Gastroparesis is acting up. She can call ahead to get grilled chicken and a baked potato cooked for her, for example. We just gave them examples of her diet at home, and they would cook it for her. While going through this process, she met another college student with Crohn's. She controlled her Crohn's with diet -using the SCD. The dining hall would cook SCD legal foods for her, the same way they did for M. They had to be very careful and I believe her mother supplied the staff with examples of things that worked and met with them the summer before school started. And she made yogurt and delivered it to her daughter (obviously you can't do that - she was just lucky her parents were only an hour or so away) every few weeks.

I'm not sure how it all worked though - shopping and knowing which ingredients are legal. But wanted to mention that this is an option. Because that girl ate exclusively at dining halls (that was her freshman year and freshmen have an unlimited meal plan) and somehow they got SCD legal options for every meal for her. I know O will be cooking mostly, but every now and then if she wants a night off and wants to eat with her friends, then it might be a possibility.

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Ideas for eating out
Chilis /Olive Garden has grilled salmon and steamed broccoli plus salads
Obviously check the salmon for seasonings
Chik fil has grilled chicken /plus salads or fruit
Subway grilled chicken breast /salad extras
C Hiptole chicken /salad stuff
Great start! I’m impressed. I know you will feel better when you can add nuts and other proteins.

Eating out is so hard. I think Chick Fil A grilled chicken has sugar and corn starch (illegal). You would not believe how many items have those ingredients. Guar gum is also everywhere. Grocery store rotisserie chickens have bad stuff but sometimes Fresh Market has plain ones or they will roast one. Longhorn’s will cook a chicken breast or salmon in a clean pan with just olive oil and and steam broccoli without getting too annoyed. Five Guys is somewhere my son goes with friends bc they are accommodating on request to cook patties in a clean pan, olive oil only. And with the right spices (no caking agents) you can make some decent faux Cheese Its.

i hope you don’t try to convince your family that avocado cake tastes just like chocolate cake!

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“Chicken (boneless skinless chicken breast, water, apple cider vinegar, soybean oil, modified corn starch, salt, yeast extract, sugar, chicken breast meat, chicken broth, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, sea salt, cane molasses, spices, chicken fat, natural flavor [including smoke], lemon peel, red bell pepper, paprika, lemon juice concentrate, parsley and vinegar solids, xanthan gum, and calcium disodium EDTA [to protect quality])”

grilled nuggets at chick fil
Oops 🙊
Ha yeah most foods you don’t make yourself are out! Try to find a salad dressing! I see xanthan gum in the grilled nuggets. I had never heard of it until I studied SCD. It is sort of like corn starch but why does grilled chicken need this “stabilizing agent”? Why does any food need it? I am surrounded by some vegan, paleo and “clean eating” types and I pretty much learned that despite huge attempts at being healthy most people are filling their bodies with chemicals. Eye opening.

Back to my Cool Ranch Doritos!


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Haha! YEP! Chik Fil A is my daughter's favorite fast food. Did I say favorite...I meant obsession! It is right on campus. So we researched the grilled chicken and found it is out. Plus, what's the point? Then looked at a variety of other restaurants that we are forced to frequent because of softball tournaments and such. Surely a simple grilled steak at some of these places couldn't hurt....or a grilled chicken breast. Well, many places inject their meats or chicken etc with stuff that make the end product illegal. I even contacted our favorite Acai bowl place only to find out that some of the fruit they use is frozen...understandable but the frozen fruit has added sugar! Why people? Why?

So we are just avoiding the eating out thing as much as possible. Softball will be tough as tournaments are always in rural town with limited restaurants...and before you say Air BNB the tournaments usually have a mandatory stay to play rule meaning that your team MUST stay in an affiliated hotel or pay the fine. Some teams just pay the fine and stay elsewhere and still come out ahead.

😂 Optimistic! Wash down those cool ranch Doritos with a glass of wine for me! And while you are offering all the advice, quick, send me a list of the legal wines! Oh and the Cheez It recipe!
Yeah it amazes me the things we have come up with to add to food. Like really? Carrageenan? To keep liquids from separating. How about you just add the words "shake well" to your label and stop ruining our guts.

Pilgrim...Italian mamas all day in the kitchen😂 Guilty as charged! AND we hate to see our kids hungry! AND everything revolves around food which is our primary challenge. I usually fill the kids' stockings at Christmas with all their comfort indulgences....single serve packs of Fruity Pebbles, candy, chips and such. This year was tough...it was fancy soaps, lip balm etc...tough because we only found out we were doing the diet days before Christmas. My girls said it didn't feel like Christmas. I thought it was because they miss the snow. NOPE! It was because we didn't have antipasto, Lasagna, sauce and meatballs and of course BREAD. Yeah, I could make an SCD legal sauce and make zucchini lasagna with some sort of SCD legal cheese made from the yogurt that is fluffy like ricotta and SCD meatballs but I dob't dare! That is the first lesson I learned going vegan. Don't try to "mock" your favorites. It never works. Spending the weekend trying to bake breads and cookies. O is scouring the internet forged recipes. My oldest is scouring the internet looking for things we could buy and she found a package of 3 waffles for $18!

MLP! 😂
[to protect quality])”
Maya142. Thanks. I could try to contact the school meal services but like I said, I have trust issues. No way to guarantee what spices they will use, what pan they are cooking in etc. I might trust it more if it were just a gluten thing or peanut thing because they are more used to it ...aw who am I fooling no I wouldn't. But O lives off campus now and her on campus eating is usually spur of the moment type things so calling ahead isn't really feasible with her. But I will definitely suggest it.

I am really amazed at how strict O is being and how positive her attitude is. You might remember she once said that the GI always says there aren't many more options and then he always has something up his sleeve. Well, this time I think he got her with the the "surgery is the next step" convo.

Not much to report. No idea on her weight but T lost 3 pounds so have to get her snacking more.

Frequency still up. Blood increasing but her infusion is due 1/3 and she is almost off prednisone.


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Not yet. We just added almond flour on Wednesday and I worked long hours Thursday and Friday. Today is baking day and I will put those muffins are on the list! Along with peanut butter cookies because today we add peanut butter! A lot of the baking recipes use coconut oil and we haven't added that yet.we are thinking of adding that today as well.
We have SCD legal turkey, bacon, waffles, breads, etc sent to my son’s dorm. I am over the cost now bc it is what it is but it is ridiculous. It is funny what item his friends find tasty. One friend from high school would drink Peptamen Jr with him!

I’m sorry her frequency is up. Whether you do this long term or not at least you’ve all had some time eating pure food. Your bodies will thank you maybe?

Trips get easier the more you take. My first stop is a store to buy fresh snacks to supplement what I brought in extra suitcase. When they get hungry and you have no options life is bad for all. I still keep packaged snacks and small cooler bag handy. I am the biggest food pusher ever as a throwback to my early days of worrying about weight loss triggering a flare. I am sorry I am not around your youngest daughter who lost weight to pressure her to eat some right now!

One thing I learned was to be sure that everyone who serves food out of home realizes this is a medically necessary diet. People will say allergy or gluten free/paleo/whole food as if it is a choice and I have to reframe this. I need them to play back medically necessary diet. At a restaurant I tell server they have guest on a medically necessary diet and that usually triggers a manager to come to table. Then with a little back and forth between staff (and a big tip) they can check supplier ingredients lists and find options. A chain may have ok items in one region that aren’t ok in a different region based on suppliers and how they prepare. You learn how to say do you have any chicken from X or salmon from y, and your list of decent suppliers and restaurants grows with experience. At nicer hotels I call kitchen and tell them a guest is on a medically necessary diet and usually the chef will call to learn what it is (sometimes they are familiar with it as autism diet or have seen similar diets for some chemo patients). Then we get a list of ok items for next few days. It is fewer than you think and random which fruits, veggies, meats and fish are ok. When I was crazy In the beginning I would give hotel my own pan and ingredients and pay then to cook. Sometimes a mid priced hotel would let me use an employee kitchen. Lower end sports team hotels, with some sweet talking and a $20, let me into main kitchen to cook a fast meal. I no longer travel with a pan and hope you don’t need to get this crazy. There is an old blog by a mom whose son played travel hockey in Canada and US. I learned a lot from her restaurant and grocery store research.


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Thanks Optimistic! You are a Godsend!

We just finished eating lunch and were discussing our "game" plan. O is in a quandary over swim meets as the team travels and eats whatever the team chooses. We googled eating out on SCD and got a good list of questions and things to tell the manager etc. They suggest printing it and laminating little cards that the server can take back to the chef/cook and see if they can help come up with something to serve her. We are planning on doing exactly what you did. Stopping at local markets etc to buy fruit, veg, cheese snacks and Lara Bars for the day and pegging it and praying for team dinners.

Your "own pan" story is hilarious as is bribing them to get into kitchen. You should travel with us. Even before SCD we travel with our little camping burner and small propane tank and would cook bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches in the lot for breakfast! Soooo I guess we could totally do the same. Just can't bring the propane on the plane but every Walmart in the country has the tanks so looks like in addition to breakfast we are cooking lunch to! Geez...if I could find an electric outlet, I could probably bring our George Forman grill and grill up lunch to! This is actually a little fun.

T HATES SCD yogurt. It is a huge component of the diet. I made our first two batches with Dannon and it is too tart for T's taste. If we add enough honey and vanilla and fruit the rest of us like it. I think I will try GI Prohealth's starter (on the NiMBAL site as an approved start) as they say it is the least tart starter.

So here is the bad news for the day. O is down to 115.5 on our scale which probably means 113.5 on the GI's scale. We are venturing into scary territory and I fear she might flare up especially since we are stopping prednisone in the next couple of days. She is eating sooooo much food. She says if she eats any more she will burst. I am still going to make her drink a smoothie of peanut butter, SCD yogurt, honey and ????? maybe apples?

Made a banana cake today which is listed on a website as a phase 1 recipe. It was o.k.. O says it will satisfy her desire for a dessert after dinner and probably be a good quick breakfast option. With the first bite T said it was good but as she went on, it became a texture thing. Hopefully some almond flour baking will help that. If you are interested here is the recipe. Super easy. http://www.pecanbread.com/new/recipes.html

Thought I would also share our choice in yogurt makers and why. I have heard you could use an instant pot (I don't have one) and some say you could use a crock pot etc but I needed this to be fool proof and easy so I bought a yogurt maker. We chose the Cuisinart CYM-100 Electric Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling (not sure if I can post a link to where I got it so if you want to know PM me). We picked this one because of the automatic cooling function. To make the yogurt you have to heat the milk on the stove to 180. Then cool it to about 115. Then add the starter and heat it at a specific temperature for 24 hours. Then cool for 8. Our schedules are so unpredictable that I couldn't guarantee we would be around to take it out of the machine at the exact 24 hour mark and the last thing I wanted to do was ruin a batch. Since the Cuisinart automatically switches from heating to cooling at the 24 hour mark, it gives us an 8 hour grace period to get back to the machine and transfer the yogurt to the fridge. You could also eat it right from the machine after the 8 hours.


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Tried peanut butter cookies today. Meh. O says they satisfy he desire to hold a cookie and munch on something but she wants more peanut butter taste. So the search continues, although I will say the recipe made A LOT of cookies so at least if she makes it at school, she will get a big payoff for her efforts.

Zucchini noodles and marinara sauce with salad. I wanted to give her pasta options. She was less than thrilled and says she prefers the red lentil pasta but thanks for the option. I also wanted to show her what salad with plain old oil and vinegar tasted like. I added some SCD legal spices and she liked it a lot. Score there.

Tomorrow we add onions which also means that I can make SCD Ketchup! Life is good!

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Maya142. Thanks. I could try to contact the school meal services but like I said, I have trust issues. No way to guarantee what spices they will use, what pan they are cooking in etc. I might trust it more if it were just a gluten thing or peanut thing because they are more used to it ...aw who am I fooling no I wouldn't. But O lives off campus now and her on campus eating is usually spur of the moment type things so calling ahead isn't really feasible with her. But I will definitely suggest it.
To be honest, M has not used her dining accommodations much, for that reason. When she goes to a dining hall, it's with friends and it's spur of the moment. So she ends up eating food that can (and often does) cause Gastroparesis symptoms. In her case, that's miserable but she doesn't have to be strict like O does...I wouldn't trust the dining halls either on checking things like whether something has xantham gum etc. either.

O is a real trooper!!


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Hanging out at 117 pounds. Expanding our choices daily. No improvement yet but it is early and Entyvio is due. GI also said sometimes things get worse before they get better. Off prednisone.

Wanted to share two recipes that we loved.

COOKIES! Made these on New Year's Eve. The kids were in kind of a funk given we usually feast on all kinds of decadent things that day and all we had were stuffed peppers for dinner. We didn't have coconut flour or shredded coconut so I ran out to the store at 8 and braved the long lines to make these and boy was it worth it. Here is the link for the recipe. https://specificcarbohydratedietfor...3UTjEbtTYYycehqGzo-CBRqZtutRaCE87o9E_b7TE7w6I

We have also tried a number of pancake recipes and this one is the winner! It is so delicious T said she prefers it to regular pancakes and O said there is no difference. I made it with water as I haven't gotten around to making home made almond milk and the store bought ones all contain something that is illegal. The water version came out perfectly fine. https://mybigfatgrainfreelife.com/2011/12/pancakes-grain-free-gluten-free-dairy-free.html

Making our first yogurt with the GI Prohealth starter which is supposed to be less tart and produce a creamier yogurt. In 32 hours, will let you know how it tastes! Reading about their starter and how beneficial it is for IBD patients and many others with GI diseases/conditions, I think we will continue using it even if we conclude that SCD didn't work.

Looking for a meal delivery service for while she is at college. She used to use Hello Fresh and LOVED it but too many meals have illegal food items. I have found one that looks promising but I am waiting for them to confirm whether or not their spices and spice blends contain anti caking agents. Also found a personal chef who will meet with her and go over dietary restrictions and preferences and cook for her...in her kitchen. But it is $30 a meal and that doesn't include cost of food. So still mulling that one over.

I ordered a cookbook. Will let you know if it is any good.

She flies back Monday.


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If you have even so much as dabbled with SCD, you have probably heard of Lois Lang's bread recipe. It is more of a sandwich bread type thing than a sweet bread. People rave about it. It supposedly makes really good french toast. I made it today and the fam really liked it. We had it hot out of the oven with breakfast and put butter on it. YUM! It is soooo easy and totally beats paying $14 a loaf for the remade ones. The only hitch is it uses farmers cheese (dry curd cottage cheese). You can make this yourself with your sad yogurt but it takes time. Bought mine at Whole Foods but I swear I saw tub at Target or Walmart. I think the brand Friendship makes it. I am going to try French toast with it tomorrow but will need to make another loaf first:/ Anyway, here is the recipe:


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Now I remember why we never did scd with ds
As in he can’t eat any (life threatening allergy )
Glad she found bread she likes
That’s important
Yummy bread sounds delicious 😋


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OMGosh! Shoot me now! Without almond flour you are seriously limited on SCD. the only other flours left are coconut (strong flavor there) and lentil or cauliflower. Not much baking going on with those! I guess some make it work because I have seen posts from those allergic to nuts but haven't paid much attention.
Cauliflower flour is straight up nasty. No hiding you used it. Some coconut flours have less strong taste than others but if you don’t like coconut you won’t like to bake with it. Did you see cashew flour? And a friend once made me some pecan flour FOR MY BIRTHDAY when I told her I was exhausted from making yogurt and almond milk. Crazy life you signed up for CIC!
Hope she is feeling ok for flight back tomorrow.


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LOL! You ain't kidding Optimistic! I just want one day where I am not in the kitchen all day. And what's up with all these low yield recipes?! Why bake muffins if you are only get 6?! That's a serving in my book! And I think I am going to have to start raising chickens because I am going through eggs like they are water! While I am at it, I mine as well plant a few almond trees!

She actually had an o.k. day today. No blood. 8 or 9 trips to the bathroom but not much yield. So no clue what is going on. She occasionally has these days and then the dam bursts so not getting too excited. Maybe the good Lord calmed things down so she can travel. Similar to when we left her school in the summer. She went from in the hospital with ridiculously high CRP and going to the bathroom 14 times a day some all blood to only 1-3 times on travel day. We landed and 5 hours later she was running high temp, bleeding, going to the bathroom uncontrollably and getting admitted for the second time.

I just really hope the wheels don't come off after she goes to school. GI told her to keep him closely updated over the next two weeks. She has infusion, labs and weight and vitals check with school nurse Wednesday.

We are making all kinds of things she can take with her to the airport to eat on the long trip home because she is afraid that she won't find any SCD legal food in the airport. I told her to just grab a fruit salad but she wants more than just that.

Here is a winner muffin recipe...well if I am being honest it isn't done yet but if my sneak taste of the batter (spare my the raw egg lecture please) is any indication these muffins are going to be to die for!



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O.K. NO. REALY. Those muffins are the best muffins ever! And one thing I will say for everything SCD that you bake.....they are all so moist!

Sorry MLP....almond flour again.


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Sorry haven't updated here in awhile but those of you who follow O's thread know what is going on.

She is back at school and 100% strict SCD. Not having a hard time with the diet at all but also hasn't gone to a restaurant yet. When eating in campus cafeteria gets salad and just puts olive and vinegar on it.

Weight went up a pound but then down 2 so who knows what is going on.

Symptoms sometimes are worse and other times level out to her usual.

Last week after update to GI he replied that he was hoping SCD would've had an affect on symptoms by now. That was the 5 week mark. He told her since she is still 1 pound above the "lowest" weight he is willing to accept that she could keep on SCD diet but they will watch it closely. Anxious for her calpro which should result by end of week next week.

I find it interesting that he was willing to wait 26-30 weeks for Entyvio to kick in but after 5 weeks on SCD he is getting antsy.

The past two days frequency is down a bit so here's hoping SCD has finally kicked in. Still night waking but no blood since last Monday,

We have been super busy so haven't found many new. recipes but this morning I had 4 little apples that weren't fit to be eaten raw so I found this recipe....YUMMY!



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O is down another .6 of a pound. Now 115.6 and GI said 115 is the cut off. So I am sending her a bunch of high calorie smoothie recipes. I will let you know if any of them are a hit.

Meanwhile, here is another winner recipe! Super easy to!



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First labs since starting SCD posted. All blood labs have improved dramatically. The caveat being that she also had a treatment change back in October. They increased her Entyvio from 300mg Q4 to 600mgQ4 so not completely sure it is SCD improving things or Entyvio finally working but we are encouraged. She has also gained two pounds this past week.


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Sent O a care package stuffed with home made SCD goodies. She reports that these muffins are AMAZING!

I used canned coconut milk. I just mixed the solid fat stuff from the top into the rest of the can. Also filled muffin cups halfway, then put topping on, then filled the rest of the way and finished with topping. I took a toothpick and dragged it through a little to disperse the topping around.



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Looks like they don’t sell the English muffins direct anymore but you might be able to find them locally. They sell them at some smaller local grocers by me.

SCD legal bread is very hard to find and when you do it is almost $20/very tiny loaf. We just baked our own. I think I put the link to the recipe here somewhere.

As for the other items, you just learn to comb through the ingredients list and find which ones are legal and then make your own list. There are some resources online. Some SCD Facebook groups that are very helpful.

When shopping in the grocery store a good place to start is keto, paleo or gluten free but even then SCD is even more restrictive so you still have to check the labels.