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Our Tribute to Lynn2

today, we learned the very sad news that one of our newest members here at Crohn's Forum, Lynn2, passed away during surgery.

i'm sure you all join me in expressing our heartfelt condolences and sorrow for her dear family's loss. if you'd like to post your own thoughts, please do so.

hopefully Lynn's sister will log back in here one day and read this.

this news will be a shock to many of us, as it was to me. we all know how cruel Crohn's can be, but to actually read that it has taken the life of someone so young, after only posting yesterday.. well, the news has certainly grounded me.

wishing her family strength to get through this very sad time..

and my best wishes.


I truely don't even know what to say. I remember reading your sister's post yesterday and thinking of how brave she sounded. That she was able to raise you and your brother while battling this disease at such a young age is truely inspirational. I hope that you will find comfort in knowing that your sister served as an inspiration to me and many others on this forum. I am so very sorry for your loss.


Sports Crohnie
To Lynn’s family,

We all joined this community to find different things: support, encouragement, hope and answers to silly and not so silly questions. Yet, we end up finding more and developing a bond with each other.

Lynn was one of us. Though she suffered her whole life with this disease, she was a fighter – and a genuinely nice, strong soul with a good sense of humor.

As you look back on the warmth and love that Lynn brought to you and yours, just know that she also touched the lives in this tiny little corner of the planet called crohnsforum. Her memory will live on.

I grieve with you for your loss.

My Butt Hurts

So sorry for your loss, Lynn's family. And thank you for letting us know. Glad we got to know a little bit about her life.
I'm just stunned and so, so sorry that you had to lose your sister to this disease. It is so cruel and unfair. Your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Captain Insaneo
May God bless and keep the family close during this awful, trying time. May they take comfort in knowing she is in a better place, pain free!


I am truly sorry for the loss of Lynn2 and wish only the best to her family and those personally affected by this tragic outcome. Unfortunately I did not know her personally, but as a IBD sufferer we all know at least some of the pain that she went through in her life. She was apparently a very strong person who kept quiet on her own pain and suffering in order to help raise her own siblings.

We can only hope that her time with this community gave her some pleasure during her last days with us. For that thank you to everyone who continues to post and is sharing information and support to help all those who visit us here.

May we continue to think about Lynn and continue to work so that the pain and suffering she endured will not need to happen to anyone else again.
My heart felt apologies and condolences to Lynn2's family and friends for their loss. It's always hard to lose a loved one- and even harder, perhaps, to lose them before their time. But remember this- we are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies. I'm sure that she is at rest now- free from the weight of a sick, tired body. I will pray/meditate for you all to have strength to get through this difficult time, and for the rest and peace of Lynn2.


To Lynn's Family:

My heart is truly saddened by your loss. I did not know Lynn personally, but from the sounds of it, she was an amazing person! To put her own health aside to help raise her brothers & sisters is truly a gift that not many would be willing to share.

Take comfort in the fact that Lynn is truly in a better place, a place without feeding tubes, hospitals, needles, & best of all, she is without pain!

Your family is in my thoughts & prayers!
Condolences to Lynn's family and I'm heartbroken to hear of someone who fought so hard passing away.

I never replied to her thread, and only heard about this recently here, but I will say this: even though I've only just now read through all her posts, I can state that she has given me an outlook that I should not feel overwhelmed or jaded or beaten. If she could fight this disease with such optimism and courage whilst providing for her siblings with such spirit, surely my own fight with a less severe case can be battled with more heart and soul.

Her memory has given me hope, her zeal has given me inspiration, and her strife has provided me with a concrete ideal of what it means to never give up.

Rest in Peace, Lynn.