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Out of hospital, packed abscesses.. unsure of what to do next?

Hi all,

I got admitted to hospital on Thursday last week to have 2 lots of abcesses drained and packed.

I got told on Saturday I could go home (yay) and was fine, no pain relief needed at all.

Sunday - I got given a number to call for the district nurse to come out and change my packing as it has to be done daily.. I eventually had to go to the out of hours GP at the hospital.

Monday (today) - Just called the number for my local district nurse who said that they have no appointments for today and tomorrow and someone will call me back. Having little faith in the NHS anyway, i'm slightly concerned that they are going to try and fob me off and it's going to be a trip to the out of hours GP again tonight. I feel disgusting, i'm running out of dressings (to cover the packing cos it's quite loose and i'm not sure if it should be hanging out or not) and i'm really frustrated with the whole situation.

I know that they are busy, but my whole experience is leaving me tired and upset with everything.

Anyone else had similar issues or am I the only one frustrated to the point of marching to the hospital and sitting there till I get sorted?

Sam :sign0085:
Sorry that you are going through this. This was me a few weeks ago, only I was lucky and the district nurses turned up!
Something that you will probably find over the next couple of weeks is that while this is happening to you, you feel like it is the worst thing, makes you feel so horrible not knowing what to do, and every doctor or nurse you see is totally chilled out about it and are like... why are you worrying?
You definitely need to get your packing done each day though. It shouldn't be hanging out so it has probably got a bit loose. Have you had a shower?
You will feel better if you are nice and clean.
Is there anywhere you can go to a walk in to get it changed?
I know how you are feeling and it is horrible! Hang in there, things will get better!
x x
Hi LittleMiss :)

The district nurse has just been :) I'm changed, showered and ready to go :D

I just find it frustrating not knowing what is happening, but the nurse was lovely and said she will phone me later to let me know what time tomorrow.

How long did you take to recover from the surgery? I'm hoping to be back at work next week (they told me to have a week off from this wednesday because i do a sit down job it would hinder the recovery)

Sam x :)
I'm glad its been sorted out for you!
I was having my dressings done every day for about a week and a half after coming out of hospital. At the time I was at my parent's house and I wanted to come back to university. Then I started packing it myself and seeing a nurse at my university town twice a week.
Where are your abscesses? Mine was a perianal one so I couldn't see it. I have had no dressings for a few weeks now, but unfortunately two weeks ago it collected again, so I was on antibiotics, and it popped on its own and since it has drained it has been good. On Friday I was told I didn't need to see the nurses again and that was 5 weeks post op.
I have an appointment with the surgeon on 10th April. I'm hoping he will be pleased with it and nothing else will need doing!
Mine are perianal too, I can't see them so i dont think i would be able to pack them myself just yet.

They told me that for the rest of the week i will have a district nurse out to see me and then i may have to go to the doctors daily until it's healed.

I've only been out of hospital for 2 days, but i'm starting to see the improvements already.

I just dont want to be off work for a long time, it's the only place i'm sane lol :)

Good luck with your appointment :)

Sam x :hug:
reguarding the packing, it is ok and depending on who u ask - normal to feel some of the packing. I was always told that they leave a little sticking out so that it can be pulled out when needed. Also, dont reak out if it does ever come out of its own accord after a bowel movement for example. If it does come out of its own accord, just wash as normal. I was always told to save my daily shower untill half an hour before the nurse appointment to help soak it out. The district nurses couldnt usually give me a visiting time everyday but they would usually let me know when they were on their way to i could hope in the shower first, as once its in, its best to try and keep it dry untill its next time to change.

good luck :)



Hey Sammie, I'm glad you're out of the hospital recovering now! xX_LittleMissValentine_Xx is very knowledgeable with abscesses and I just had surgeries for them as well. You should check out my thread "lots of pus/blood" and its all about my surgery journey. It might help you
Thanks for all the support and lovely messages :)

I'm getting used to my packing now, and have found that as they are healing, they are starting to come out when i have my morning shower... unfortunately, I have to go to the hospital at a weekend for packing and they can't get me in till mid afternoon.. but i'm being told the "wounds" are nice and clean and healing well.

The only problem i'm now facing is the dressings, they are either too big (and very uncomfortable) or too small (and coming away altogether too easily)

Hopefully i've only got another few weeks of this before they are healed and i'm back to relatively normal :)

Sam :hug: x
Glad you are getting on well :)
It is hard with the dressings and being comfortable. To be honest I wasn't comfortable for a good couple of weeks while I couldn't sit on them. Then when the pain went down and I was able to, they advised me not to so it could get a good blood supply. Its so hard when you can't even sit!!
I think by habit now I lean very slightly to one side when I sit down. But don't think about it much.
Good luck and keep us posted with how it is going :) x
My first surgery was for a big absess on my butt . After the surgery it looked like a hole was cut out of me, Like a bowling bowl finger thingy lol.
When I got home it had to be packed dialy, cos they want it to heal from the inside out slowly etc. I was lucky to have my brother do mine ( we lived at home at the time I was younger. So my brother changed my dressing and repacked it. It is actually very easy to do, But you cant do it yourself, if you cant see it or get to it easily, like you mentioned. and as mine was too.
I just thought i'd update you all (one month later...)

I have a completely healed left hand side, and the right hand side is getting there (no need for packing however i have to insert gauze inbetween the 2 side to stop them rubbing together)

I'm in the middle of a mild flare up with the crohns, constantly feeling sickly, keep needing the loo (even though when I go, nothing!), headaches and unable to stomach more than a few mouthfuls of food (even though i'm sooo hungry at the time)

It's been a month since the surgery (and my first gastro appointment) and I haven't heard ANYTHING from the specialist. I've left a couple of messages as on my original appointment (22nd March) They were discussing medication etc and I don't want to prolong this crappy feeling.

All in all though, all is good. I'm feeling positive (at the moment) but still grumpy (most of the time)

Much Love!

Sam :) xx