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Overusing antibiotics?


I've got a perianal fistula (had it off and on for 14 years now). In the past, a quick course of antibiotics (Cipro and Flagyl) really helped to clear it up, sometimes for a relatively long time.

However, this year it's come back and has been really hard to get rid of. I've been on the antibiotics twice in the last 6 months and I've only seen a little improvement while I'm on them, and then as soon as the course is done the fistula is as active as ever within a week or so. I'm also on 6MP and Cimzia right now, and nothing seems to be budging the fistula. My doctor wants to put me back on antibiotics, but I feel like they're just not working anymore. I also can't stand the taste of the Flagyl, so part of me just doesn't want to do that again, but I also think they've lost their response. Anyone have any thoughts?


Hi Copeland, my CRS thinks that antibiotics are not suitable as a long-term treatment. Have you considered surgery (or at least a draining seton)?

Lynda Lynda

Antibiotics always mess up my colon and give me watery diarrhea. But I was treated for C-Diff in 2015 with oral Vancomycin and it worked great. All my doctors have it in their charts that I cannot take antibiotics.I was treated for a Urinary Tract Infection recently and was prescribed ciprofloxin and this antibiotic did not appear to make me ill ( although my colon was already starting to get sick before that. )

Anal Fistulectomy operation 1992
Lapascopic Cholestectomy operation 1995
Ulcerative Colitis - Diagnosed in 2006, but have been sick since 1997. I have suffered from yellow watery diarrhea this entire time except for a brief time in 2014 and 2016 when I was severely constipated.
Two Rectal Abscess surgeries 2002 and 2009
Three colonoscopies and endoscopies 2006, 2009, 2014
Previous medications : Asacol and Lialda 2006- ?
Current medication : Cholestyramine Powder Packets ( I have been taking the Cholestyramine for probably 13 years ) Cholestyramine helps me to control my diarrhea ( and eating properly, of course. ) I have never been diagnosed with BAM.
Treated for C-Diff in 2015
Recent stool test confirmed calprotectin level of 694, I am eating a liquid diet right now until I see a Nurse Practitioner on March 26th, 2018.
I have been receiving Social Security Disability benefits since 2013 for physical and mental health problems.
I have not worked at a job since 2009.
I am 57 years old.
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