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Overweight with Ostomy Support Group

Looking for experiences people have had with ostomy surgery while being overweight. Also how you deal with your stoma post surgery.
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I am massive. I had an illiostmy (sp?) for 6 months post resection and then a reversal. Stoma was difficult and I was allergic to the stoma adhesive- it literally peeled my skin off- nothing would stick since the skin was like weeping road rash but the wound specialists found a way to clean, powder area, dust excess then stick on the appliance. so it worked out until it could be reversed. Still huge - and I gained more weight after reversal - since I was used to the unusual digestion from an illiostomy. I just had another resection and thankfully no illiostomy this time. good luck. I see your post is older but thought I would respond in case I could help in any way.