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Ow my bum - GE or GP?

So I've been having rectal bleeding again, and external hemorrhoids. Quick question - should I see a walk-in GP (don't have a family doctor) or wait til my appointment with the GE on the 14th? I'd really like to get these treated once and for all. This is actually not due to Crohn's symptoms but due to my intestinal habits normalizing. Am treating with preparation H and nupercainol, which help the pain but not the underlying condition. What has helped you resolve external hemorrhoids and/or mild anal fissures (not visible but symptomatic)?
Hi, minor haemorrhoids can usually be treated by a GP. However more serious cases might require a specialist and minor surgery. I had surgery to correct mine, which did work but then they came back again, because I was still getting the diarrhoea and straining which led to them.
Maybe you could go the walk-in GP and see whether they can treat it or whether they think it needs a GE? I know it might be painful to wait until you see your GE, but maybe you'd trust your GE to know what he's doing more than a GP?


Personally, I'd see both (as long as there's no financial concern about doing so). Go in and see the GP and ask if they can treat or they think you should wait until your GI appointment. I like to cover all bases. :p


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I would wait and ask theGI.
Your appointment is so close.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes