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Oxycodone and codeine helping my stomach?

I was recently given codeine and then switched to oxycodone for pain associated with the compression fractures I have (lovely prednisone) an i realize that when I take it it calms my stomach and I go to the bathroom less and eat more! I start to feel my symptoms again when it's almost time for the next dose. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences? Also I am contemplating bringing this up with my GI but I do not want to look like an addict cause I am far from that! Any ideas would be helpful :)


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Endone (Oxycodone) was the analgesia that was prescribed for both of my children when they were in severe pain and post operatively.

It worked well for them as their pain was bowel related and cramping. Endone slows the peristaltic action of the bowel and this may be why, aside from the narcotic effects, as to why it calms your stomach and reduces your bowel motions. Of course there are then the side effects that can result and the main one for IBD sufferers is constipation. If your IBD involves any narrowing of the bowel then use needs to be closely monitored.

It would be worth mentioning to your GI the positive side effects that Oxycodone is proving for your IBD. Oxycodone won't be a long term solution but he may be able to prescribe something that has a similar effect and is mean't for extended use.

Good luck!

Dusty. xxx