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Oxycodone - Fluffy fuzzy brain pills

The docs prescribed oxycodone for pain for me. I only take them very rarely, as the pain becomes too unbearable. Sometimes I will take one before bed so I can sleep through the night. The problem is when I take one, my brain becomes a fluffy fuzzy pile of mush. This makes it nearly impossible to take while I am at work, as fluffy fuzzy pile of mush brain isnt really good for client interaction.

Do any of you take any pain meds that dont completely remove your ability to function as a normal person? :ybiggrin:
I'm sorry to answer with a question, but are you in a flare? Do you just chronically need pain pills for gut pain, or is it joint issues? I hear a lot about people who are on pain pills nearly full time with Crohn's but I've never spoken directly to any of them. How come you need them?

Obviously, because you're in pain, but how come you're in so much pain? Just during flares, or all the time? Are you ever in remission?
No, just in a flare. Went 13 years in remission, then had a full blockage that put me in the hospital for 5 days, they are doing all kinds of tests now to determine what dosage of Humira and 6MP I will be on, but that will be the beginning of Sept before I begin those. The pain meds are to help me cope until its under control.
I had my best luck with Demerol but that was more for my surgery pain (badly lanced fistula by a general surgeon, big mistake) than for my bowel inflammation but it seemed to work for both.

The thing about Demerol, in my experience, is that it didn't so much ease the pain as it made me not care that I was in pain, which was just as good.

According to my wife, I was very hard to live with during this period, but in my defense I had a LOT of seriously bad crap going on with me physically at the time and Demerol probably wasn't the culprit for my mood.
Oxycodon does something similar for me, I dont really care about the pain. My wife hates what prednisone does to me, I am horrible to live with when I am on that. Mood swings and roid rage! I understand completely.

Did the Demerol allow you to work? I work for AT&T helping businesses with internet advertising. (Google, Yahoo, yp.com, ect) so I have to be on the road and in their offices a lot. Driving on Oxycodon isnt a very good idea and while I can string together a coherent sentence, it comes out a bit slurred. Not exactly the impression you wanna give paying clients ya know.
I don't have to drive for work so I was able to wait till I got to the office and then pop the pills here.

As far as I know, there's ZERO pills you can take for either pain or spasms that you should then get in a car and drive with. You may be looking at a leave of absence if you truly want to manage your pain and get well.

I know you didn't ask for my opinion on this but it seem to me like a job in sales is incompatible with Crohn's Disease, which is at the mercy of your stress level quite a lot of the time. Good luck to you!
I have been fortunate for a long time to have been in remission, and while there is stress, I dont get really stressed. What I really need is for these new drugs they put me on to work, but dont we all!
I've been in a flare since April, and have needed painkillers pretty much constantly since then. At first, i was given percocet. They controlled my pain very well, and after a few days on them, I stopped getting the "high" feeling and I was able to actually do things while taking them. I was on those for about 2 months. Whenever I got admitted to the hospital, they would give me IV painkillers. Either morphine or dilaudid. Eventually, I asked to be put back on oral percocet. I was used to them and I didn't get the side effects anymore like I did with the morphine.
I'm unable to get percocet anymore, because neither one of my doctors can prescribe them. I'm taking codeine now. A fast acting one and a long acting one. I'm the exact same person on them that I am off of them, just in alot less pain. If you only need painkillers for a little while, I would recommend percocet. They are not good to be on for long periods of time, but they will definitely control the pain and they are easy to split. Try taking half a pill every 4 hours to kind of build up a tolerance to it. I also take anti-nausea pills with any narcotics. I can't stand being nauseous.
Good luck!
Ugh. I can't imagine.

As a teen, I was never offered painkillers. For 10+ years I built up an amazing tolerance for pain. Even when I feel like I'm being sawed in half, I can function without any painkillers at all, even though I feel every bit of it.

To me, that's preferable to narcotics. I can't imagine taking them for months on end.


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I was never offered pain killers either...I do have hydrocodone on hand from other reasons (non-crohns' surgery, etc) which I use very occasionally - but any pains that I do have aren't ones that are a constant - the cramping pains I have been getting more often lately (oh joy!) come and go every so often - they make me wish I had something on hand, but by the time anything would take effect the pain is over and done with.
I've had far better results from hyoscyamine (sp?) (anti spasmodic) than with vicodin, demerol, or percocet, generally. Most of my pain is from spasms/cramping. The raw ache from inflammation is easier to ignore.
I have been on oxycodone and contin for over 2 years now. You will eventually biuld up a tolerance and be able to function normally on them. I started out on 5 mg of oxycodone immediate release in july of 2009, got upped to 10 mg of extended release and then 30 mg of ER oxycontin. when I first started taking the 30's I was a pile of mush after taking them but i eventually built up a tolerance to them and now can function perfectly fine
I have been on co codamol for years, then they changed it to codeine but the side effects of concipation is to much so now after second time in hospital they put me onto targinac ( oxycodone &naloxone) i started with 5 mg every 12 hours, then 10 mg every 12 hours, now i am on 15 mg twice a day and it gives me pain relief.. Yes my head is like fluffy mash but better then crying my eyes out on pain. Has anyone else here experience with targinac?
Hugs x