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P.Anca positive blood test (UC or Crohn's Disease) ?

Hi everybody,

My autoimmunity blood test are below, what do you think about it?. all my biopsy said in the past that I have a indeterminated colitis, so I´m trying to find an answer and doctors usually say that it is not very important because remicade could be good for both , but it´s not working enough for me , I´m on remicade since january (5 mg/8 weeks) but (my last intensification was in may 5mg/4 weeks), .

Now, only a few months later, doctor think that I´ll probably need another intensification : 10mg/4 weeks

But I`ve a lot of doubts I think that maybe it is not aproppiate thing for me . My last remicade leves were 13.

Ana Screening (ELISA -Negative
Anca - Postive (1/160)
fluorescence pattern - atypical ( Anca and Panca coexist in some field)
MPO (also called PANCA) - Negative
PR3 (also called CANCA) - Negative
AMA (Anti-mitochondrial antibodies) - Negative
ASMA - (Anti-smooth muscle antibody) - Negative
ANTI-LKM - (anti-liver kidney microsome antibody) -Negative

Thank you for your opinion.
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I see, but this blood test is previous to mi remicade infusions, so the Anca positive is not related with it, I guess that is caused by my patology, but I am trying to know if I have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.