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Pain after surgery

pain after surgery

Hi I would be very greatful for some of your opinions. I have had crohns disease for 20 years. i had my first small bowel resection in 1993.removing not too much bowel (I was assured) In 2009 I developed a huge stricture in my descending colon and this was removed and I was left with a colostomy> I have managed very well for 2 years with the stoma behaving well> I started to get severe pain when eating and another large stricture was dicovered at the terminal illeum. I have just returned from hospital a week ago after having this removed> The sugeon has left my stoma in situ> Since begining to eat again, all I am passing is very loose stool and lots of mucus> and although they told me to try to get back to normal asap, I am feeling awful> the wound site is open and being dressed daily and theside of the abdomen where my stoma is is huge and hard> I don't knoe if this is due to internal swelling and bruising or if something is wrong. Haven't got to see the surgeon for 6 weeks. But is this feeling normal...Please help


I cant believe that they've told you to get back to 'normal' eating that soon after that surgery! You need to be on a very soft diet after that for a good couple of weeks! Obviously it's not normal, and that is because they have given incorrect advice! You need to be on broths, potatoes, rice and only a soft or liquid diet for the time being. And you need to ring your IBD nurse and tell them about your issues.

Do you have a temp?



Hi carjan, and :welcome: to the forum.

I agree with Misty above (Terriernut). Definitely let your doc know about your current situation. And get back to those soft foods.

You've already been through so much. They should be taking better care of you.

Be strong and keep us posted. :hug:
Don't hesitate to call your doctor that is part of what they are there for...it is better to error on the side of caution. My doctor said I could resume normal diet, but am gradually adding in reg food and still bouncing back into the soft food quite a bit. Better to take it slowly then overwhelm the system, but that is just an opinion.
I hope you can get some answers tomorrow and that you can start feeling better soon.
I have a couple of spots in my gut that get hard like a babies leg, or something is inside my abdomen! It is not normal at all... It is what is prompting me to have surgery.

Get on your doctor and tell them what is going on. Mucus is also an unusual thing.. at least, without a stoma. I can only assume it would be the same for you.