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Pain again!

Started tapering the pred down, and reduced it to 10mg today... and guess what, pain, D and some blood.... :stinks:

Not a happy bunny, got shadowing tomorrow and need to be fit and well!

If crohn's were a person :voodoo:

Ok so I'm just using little pics to make myself feel more cheery right now; but Im so fed up of this flare!! Oh well things could be worse I guess, a lot worse.... just this BLOODY disease!!! I don't think m life is ever gonna be the same again :(

Sorry to moan AGAIN, I feel like that's all I do these days....
you get it off your chest girl.

it could be worse ya could be ME!!

i wish you well my friend,

major hugs !!
Lol I did reply to that question last time you asked it.....

I took it down cos I'm new to this forum thingy and I'm not sure how much anonymity is sensible to give myself given my career.... that's why I've put the disclaimer up too, to cover myself. I want to be on the forum for support and indeed to give support to others; I'm just new to this and not sure about what to let others know about me...... perhaps I'm being over cautious, I dunno. :)
yeah i saw the disclaimer alright, probably best.

new enough to this type of thing myself and i deleted my facebook account but am maybe going to re activate, not sure. no you didn't reply the other day tut tut !! . . haha.

your picture didn't get you any negative marks anyway that's for sure, you are very attractive, and you've got brains too. . . . i know and you've got crohns.

purely complimentary remarks i promise i am not fit enough to chase you round the wards of a hospital !! . . . haha . .

anyway you take care and good luck shadowing tomorrow.

cheers for now
Lol awww thank you!

Dont worry Im not afraid of people chasing me around the hospital... I suppose Im mostly concerned that if any one on here is a patient in my area I may see them as a doctor.... and I think recognition would be awkward and unprofessional... anonymity both ways is better for both myself and others here also. Im just being careful.... as I say, maybe overly so, but I think to err on the side of caution isn't always a bad thing.

I do still have a facebook account myself, but its set to private and unsearchable... my Dad WORKS in a prison (he's not IN prison lol) and he's instilled a great deal of caution (paranoia?!?!) in me LOL.

Hope you're feeling well today anyways!

oh good, i am glad you took that the way i meant it, to be a giggle.

i honestly believe that your dad isn't locked up !! . . yeah right ,nice try, pulling a fast one on me eh !! . . . hahahaha.

no, that all makes perfect sense to take the picture down , for possibility of being recognised etc etc . . . .

Great rspect and admiration for anyone who can commit to becoming any sort of medical professional. . . interestingly there are far more young ladies becoming doctors , more so than men is what i mean, hre in ireland. well it seems that way to me.

Look i have taken up more that enough of your time.

Nice chatting and again good luck for tomorrow

I will give a hug and kiss this time




Hiya Lulu

This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree
1-2 weeks on Pred isn't no where near enough time to give this med time to work!
Why taper so soon?
I was on it for nearly a year after an infection but it worked and healed me good and proper, I'm in remission now.
You're in pain with d and some blood?
Doesn't that signify that inflammation hasn't finished with you yet?
I'm afraid that if you have inflammation Pentasa and folic acid won't blitz it.
Pentasa will maintain, but you've got to get the inflammation under control first.
Like I said, just my personal opinion and from experience
Hey Misty eyed - it's this coming weekend... sun, mon and tues actually so weekend isnt strictly accurate! I cant wait tho - costumes all sorted for first night and dress for second night! YAY!

Astra... I only agreed to a short course to try and bring it under control... I've been digging my heals in where steroids are concerned, not keen to go on long term steroids yet, hoping this short course will bring me under control. It was working until I began to taper, but it's still much better than it was so I'm gonna see if I can stick it out a little longer. Being able to eat solid food would be nice, last night it didnt end well but Im gonna try again today, not eaten all day so hopefully something small wont hurt it too much....

Good thing I put on a fair amount of weight when I last improved... gonna need it the way this is going, already dropped a dress size in 3 weeks.... Still looking healthy tho atm which is good!



Chief Dandelion Picker
Hi, Lulu

I'm so sorry that the pain etc. is returning. Our site's motto could be "we hate steroids." But, sometimes the cost/benefit ratio swings in favour of steroids. The possible longer-term consequences of allowing the inflammation to continue on (and "fester," if you will) are what convinced me to do a second run of steroids almost immediately following the first. Best to get things under control. On the other hand, 9 months did not clear up inflammation in my case, I developed a fistula, we are now talking about Remicade, so the steroid option is not a guaranteed solve, either.

Edited to add: ***Ooooh, but Budesonide did wonderful things for clearing up the pain, if not the inflammation!!!!
Hi entchen, well I'm hoping that my perseverence is paying off.... things havent deteriorated totally again, still in pain but not a lot else currently! the steroids have definitely brought about a drastic improvement on how i was 3 weeks ago..... so gonna still stick it out on the tapering and not up my dose again......

fingers crossed!!

Hope you're feeling well today! Have you started remicade?