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Pain and cramping since February!!

I know cramping and pain is common with crohns but I've been having this problem for months and it still isn't getting any better.
I was taken in to A&E in February with a colicky pain and a temp of 39.2 and let out a few hours later after getting an injection with buscopan.The same thing has happened another six times this year but I've been kept in.
I've had two abdominal x-rays and a ct scan which didn't show anything but my crp levels creep up.The pain doesn't last long after I get meds in hospital and I'm discharged after a few days.
I'm due for a colonoscopy at the start of August to see if there is anything causing the bloating,cramps,sickness etc..
It's strange the docs don't seem to know what's causing it they have put my pred back up along with antibiotics.
Any ideas??


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Hi Andy. Sorry to hear you're still going through this.

Have you tried keeping a food and symptom journal? Start very basic. Low residue diet with no fiber and see if it goes away. If so, start adding things back slowly to see if you identify a trigger food.

Wheat/gluten and/or dairy may also be causing it. Try taking those out also.

I hope you start feeling better soon.
Thanks guys I've got a food diary and also see a dietitian who says I have a well balanced diet and have been eating the same things for years.
Everyone is confused even the doctors.
Very frustrating!!

One of my daughters just found out she is allergic to dairy and wheat gluten. she has eaten healthy for years but with all the dairy and whole wheat she ate, she has build up a n allergy to it.... maybe more to it than that.
someone suggested our girls do a fingerer stick food allergy test. The bad part was the meds my other daughter is on caused all the results to be negative. she has IBD. We have since seen a naturalpath who put her on a very strict diet that will allow her to see if she is allergic to any foods. Her symptoms have disappeared by 75 percent. she is also taking herbs, vitamins and minerals. (cortifoam is her only pharmaceutical left)

Colonoscopies can be one of the best diagnostic procedures.

good your are doing research and keep getting tested until you find out what is going on.
sending my best