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Pain but crp only 7??

I've been having problems with Crohns since the start of the year with right side pain,bloating.I was just released from hospital after a 3 day stay where the only gave me tramadol for pain.
This has been on going for nearly a year I've had ct scans and colonoscopy and now waiting for an MRI.
My question is if my crp is only 7 why is the pain so bad??


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CRP is genetically influenced so not everyone will generate high numbers. Its important to look at the bigger picture rather than one blood test. Scare tissue could cause a narrowing that would cause pain and not elevate crp.

I hope you get some answers from the MRI. Sending you my support.

Keep in mind I'm no doctor, just a patient like you.
I have heard from quite a few that apparently the blood tests are not the most accurate indicators. I hope your MRI goes well.