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Pain from Stricture?

I started Entyvio about 6-8 months back and after a few months started to feel better. In July my GI did colonoscopy and it looked great. About 90% improved from when Stelara was not stopping inflammation. Only problem is one short stricture in the ileum near the terminal ileum. The scarring is pretty bad he said and the passageway there is now very narrow. As I said, Entyvio seemed to make me feel almost perfect, with very little bad days. Recently I have had several days of bad gas, bloating and pain in the stomach along with more frequent bowel movements, although not diarrhea. I am curious if this could be all from the stricture? Are these the type of symptoms one experiences from a stricture? I always read about what happens when it becomes blocked and you can’t go to the bathroom but not as familiar with what other symptoms a stricture might cause if not blockage. I guess my fear is that so soon after great colonoscopy I have inflammation back again. I was feeling so good once it started kicking in and for the last few days feel like I did before it started to work. I sure hope it isn’t a flare because I almost forgot what it was like to feel “normal” when it started to work. My doc has already recommended getting that stricture removed so I am contemplating that anyway and if this is what is causing my symptoms - and not new inflammation - then I’m ready to get it cut out and see if that combined with Entyvio can improve my quality of life. Every time you think you are making progress in this diseases it seems to throw you another curveball. Thank you!