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Pain in tailbone area

Hey everyone,
My son has been having terrible pain in his tailbone area for the three weeks that doesn’t seem to be going away. He’s had no falls. It doesn’t hurt when touched...just there when he moves in certain ways. His GI Dr. checked him out and said that it doesn’t look like it’s Crohn’s related. I’m wondering if anyone’s kids have experienced random pains. Grateful to say that he’s been doing much better other than this.


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Second the rheumy but also could be a pilonidal cyst starting to form. O has gotten them twice and first sign is tail bone pain. They are benign but she needed outpatient simple surgery to get rid of hers
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It could certainly be a rheumatological issue. Enthesitis Related Arthritis is a subtype of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) that can affect the sacroiliac joints and spine, including the tailbone. It also tends to affect large limb joints, like knees, ankles and hips, though really any joint can be involved, from the fingers to the jaw. Pain tends to be worse after inactivity (sitting through class or a movie or sleeping) and gets better with movement. Morning stiffness is another very common symptom, and for joints other than the spine, you might seeing swelling or redness and they'll be painful if they're involved. ERA is the subtype of JIA that's most commonly associated with IBD.
Does any of that match his symptoms? If so, I'd see a pediatric rheumatologist.