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Pain in the butt!!! LOL

Ok, TMI but I need help.... Well I have been going through a very bad flare lately... First came on the nausea and abdominal pain and feeling very distended. I did a ct scan and of course I got " Thickening of the terminal ileum" Yada yada. Well ok now!!! My bottom is so raw and burning so bad every bowel movement feels like liquid fire coming out of me... So not only are my guts in pain now my butt it hurting me so bad I feel like I am going to pass out on the toilet.. Help.. WtHeck is happening? My bowel movements are very frequent but not the D im used to but very thin stools that are pretty much formed I guess... Im not used to this I usually have the D since my resection surgery in 2010... So know my bowel movement changed, my butt is burning so bad I try to hold it... And my Ct scan shows inflammation and my white blood cell count soooo HELP..... Also, I have used every cream in the store... AND it sooooo does not look like a hemmoroid(sp?) i actually looked in a mirror of course.... I only take Pentasa for Crohns and just finished two weeks of pred and cipro and flagyl<----- which didnt help!!!! Oh and I have no health insurance.. That is alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
Use a squirt bottle by the toilet to freshen up and soothe yourself. Could be a number of things happening....hope you feel better soon!
Try to Stop using toilet paper on the area that is hurting and use a peri bottle with warm water to clean the area. Try sitz baths with warm water & Epsom's salt and Aloe Vera (you can buy Aloe Vera at Walmart in a gallon size) to try and further clean and sooth the area then very gently pat dry. Try to not use wipes, most have alcohol and can cause a burning pain, even the ones with witch hazel. They might feel nice at first but not later.
Sometimes after antibiotics the D can follow.
See if you can eat yogurt now to try and balance good bacteria. (It might help mellow things)
Try and eat bland foods, like rice crispies, potatoes, and low acidic foods.
Hope you are feeling better very soon!
I recently tore myself during my flare. I used witch hazel and Preperation H wipes and it really helped out. I know the pain you are going through, and it really sucks.
Really sorry to hear what you're going through. I went through some severe burning to the point of having to run a bath a few times a day. Just so I could sit in it and get some light relief. I used Sudo Cream, which helped reduce the pain a bit. I too would try to hold off going to the toilet because it was just so painful. Its interesting because I know people who have declined the opportunity to have a reversal and a huge contributing factor in their choice is the issue of butt burn. I had two reversals and I was one of the unfortunate ones that had a very watery stool. They did not even remotely form, so the burning for me became a lot more than just a minor discomfort.

My example is an extreme one. Many endure butt burn and learn to cope. I guess it comes down to finding that product or method that helps reduce the burn. Sorry I couldn't provide any useful help and I hope you find something that does the trick. If you haven't tried Sudo Cream, it might be worth a go. All the best : )
Thanks for all the tips.... I often have to bathe to keep the pain down.. Its starting to hurt so bad even when Im not in the bathroom... Driving in the car or sitting in a chair is killer LOL I have a peri bottle from when I had my baby so I will dig that out of the box.. This is new to me and I feel soooo bad for anyone that has this problem.... Thanks Everyone!!!
So sorry you are going through this pain is it horrible when nothing will soothe it.
Also wow linniebass2 you are brave for putting witch hazel anywhere near that area did it hurt alot? I've never tried it before but can imagine the stinging lol x

My Crohn's is mainly rectal and I can sympathise with the pain when you go.

For me I had massive relief from mesalazine suppositories, which worked really well and really quickly. They calmed the inflammation a lot.

I know that doesn't help during the time it may take for you to get hold of these, and I see others have made good suggestions, but I can highly recommend giving them a try if you can get them.
My Crohns is located mostly in the ileum... Do you think it has possibly moved into the rectum? I have not had a scope in two years. I was thinking that I could go to the ER and atleast get a anal-scope to check since I dont have any insurance! I can get a charity assistance for that bill... Even tho I know in the long run it is way more expensive. I just hate going there because the docs look at you like your Crazy when you have Crohns. I think it is mostly because they dont know what to do since they dont specialize in GI. But then again you have so many addicts that use the ER for pain medication that people that really need some relief like all of us look like we are Med seekers... Sometimes my abdominal pain gets so bad and now with the butt burn I have no other way to get relief :(.. Thanks everyone for the info...
it can move around, for sure. 'They' say it usually moves up but it is not always the case.
Sometimes when things move through too fast it can cause bile salts to end up in watery D, making the d burn and be acidic. Its awful. I cant remember how I have helped myself other then the mentioned above.
If you use a barrier cream be super sure to clean the area first so you don't trap bacteria.
If you are feeling so awful please do go get looked after. I know things can get so painful. Be sure to let them know you had a course of antibiotics recently, it can cause worse d up to weeks later. Also see if you can take famotidine, it might help. I hope you feel much better soon.
Hang in there.
I just got dx 3 weeks ago so no real meds yet. I've had an abcess removed 2 weeks ago but now it hurts even worse. I also had a bout with a blockage the last 2 days. Now it just scares the hell out of me when I TRY to go.(it feels like I always have to go) I finally got the blockage out today after drinking 10 onces of laxatives and an enema. It was so bad I thought I was going to have a stroke. Ass is still on fire. Is there a pain cream that works good?

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A pain cream or barrier?
For pain they do have a lidocaine gel. Prescription only so ask you Dr.
Careful with barrier creams, they can trap bacteria and you want to keep the area dry and clean as possible.

Try to eat bland, soft foods. Non acidic. Think rice crispies, potatoes, applesauce.
I don't know if any of this will help, but thought it might be worth mentioning.
Hope you feel better soon!

Have you tried the sitz bath, peri bottle to clean the area?
See the above, it might help.


Best of British
I always use vaseline, my butt can get very sore and find this really helps. In a couple of days it's cleared up but you have to use it every time you go. It's also something you can discreetly carry around with you. If you use vaseline on your lips then buy one that's in a different colour, like the aloe or the cocoa butter ones.. then you won't get confused!!
Yup, vaseline is my choice too. Use a very gentle wet wipe first to make sure it's clean, but personally, I think vaseline is the best. (My husband says that I am the same way with Vaseline as the dad in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is with his windex, lmbo!)