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Pain in the butt

pain in the butt

Could use some feed back. I don't like this pred. stuff is it me or the meds. My heart races, My mind wants to work but seems like I,m stuck , can't stay focused, pacing around not getting anything done, hard to consuntrate, my lips and tip of tounge feel kinda numb and funny, my fingers feel very funny numbish like, back of neck feels tight , eyes are bit more blurry, Feel like I,m trapped in my head or something . Fighting depression with reading threads to stay a bit focused on wanting to help others, started taper yeaterday 35 mg. don't really know why i,m on the crap haven't had much success yesterday really bad attact lasted about 4 hours and also finished cipro the other day. wonder what happens next since preds. isn't helping. with attacks. any advice or I'm just going crazy.:ybatty: :ybatty: :poo: :poo: :depressed: :ybatty:
whoa...ok - how long have you been on the pred and did they start you out at 40mg? If you have only been on it a week or two - you probably need to give it a bit more time. Now is the time (with all of the extra energy you *should* have) to get things done that you normally just say "forget about it" to.
started 40mg on the 6th two weeks now tapering 5mg every 10 days. thought i would be on it until it starts working than a taper guess its not like other med. What about these side effects or is it just me?
:runaway: << that was me first few days of Pred...

I had all these side effects you mention when I first started taking the Pred. Mine settled down after about 5 -6 days and then I just felt exhausted. I know how you feel with the weird anxiety sensations. The neck thing was weird too, almost felt like my head wasn't attached but also screwed on too tight at the same time :ybatty: I still have the heart palpitations.

I really really hope the side-effects calm down for you and that you can take advantage of the heightened energy.
It's not just you. It can make you go kinda crazyish. I'm not sure about the numb fingertips and lips thing - that might be something to call the doctor about.

What is their plan for you post prednisone? You should be getting on some kind of good maintenance drug.


Punctuation Impaired
Hang in there. Prednisone makes us all feel like we are losing it. I would call about the numb lips and finger tips too. Are you hyperventilating? That can make your lips and fingers feel numb.
I am on the pred and completely loopy.... I never sleep and yet I'm always exhausted, I pace round and round and round, and I have become a neat freak - I was always a pig before - always thought life was too short to have tidy sock drawers, been on current dose of pred for 2 weeks and my house looks like one of those show homes after the makeover teams have been in, it's unreal and I'm driving my family bonkers... completely lost the plot over a cereal bowl not put in the sink this morning....you would have thought I had caught my 8 year old smoking drugs rather than having simply dared to leave his dish on the counter...

So, no you are not alone.... and I think my family are looking forward to when the pig returns!

Thinking of you while pacing, dusting, ruminating, obsessing, and still having spectactular poop attacks.... x

Thank you sooooo much . Bin can't stop cryin right now but its a good cry soooo glad to hear that you know what Im talking about now I feel so much better just knowing I'm not some hypercondract or something plus trying to hold it together before my son comes home for school and hubby from work.thank you thank you . Peaches the finger tip thing is probably my carp. tun. just acting up. had the surgery on one hand already . doc said i waited to many years so theirs some perm. damage . didn't mean to worry you I think thats pretty easy part of life to live with :) Plus I'm not sure what's next Doc app. on Feb. 24th. Popcorn not hyperventilating thank the Lord! I feel much better just Knowing Its not just me this way I can calm down a bit. Girls I can't thank you all enough .you girls are so sweet and pretty thanks bunches.