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Pain in the Knees



Hi Everyone
I wake up in the morning with a terrible pain in my knees. I can hardly stand up. then as I start walking it gradualy goes away.
Does anybody knows what it is? will it get worse? I am now taking pred. 35 mg. could that be the cause or is it a part of the flare up I had 2 weeks ago and still trying to come out of it.
thanks for your answers


It is possible that the active disease is responsible for the knee pain. Joint pain and inflammation is common in people with Crohn's Disease. Still make an effort to let your doctor know about this thought as they may be able to help. It has been found that increased intake of fish oil (for omega-3) has helped decreased joint inflammation. I do not know if this is just a personal anecdote or was proven scientifically, but either way you might want to consider taking a fish oil supplement (or trying to increase fish intake, specifically halibut, cod, salmon and other cold water fish).
I used to get that when I was in a flare. I have no remedy but try fish oil as Mike said. It went away when I went into remmision.

Best of luck


Remmission! That is something I never had. I am begginig to lose hope. It is true that I suffer from crohns only 9 months and had my first flare up 5 weeks ago (thats when I was Dx) but since then I already had another flare up (2 Wks ago) and since then I seem to be it a steady state of little things and big things like this joint pain. but at list it is not as bad as I felt during the flare ups. will it ever get better?


its all individual sefiby. You have a long ways to go, and a lot to learn. We here at crohnsforum can def help you in any way we can.

Joint pain is common. I used to show arthritis signs before showing "GI" signs of crohns. The prednisone COULD cause this, but ironically if you went to a rheumatologist about your arthritis, they will give you prednisone for the arthritis...inflammation.


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Hey Joseph... I too have terrible joint pain... Before I was dx'd, just thought that it was arthritis... due to my age & size (I'm old and tall).. However, since my disease went into overdrive, my joint pain has spread and worsened.. No longer just in the joints I've damaged over the years (i.e. broken knee, crushed ankle, etc., etc..) but it now has spread to my 'good' joints... esp. good knee, hips, fingers & neck... I'm not on steroids. (altho this is a common side effect of those drugs, despite being drug of choice if you get osteo or rheumatoid arthritis - go figure.. maybe the connection has been made in the past via anecdotal evidence). My pains worsen with a flare... decrease with activity, are unaffected by weather.
I have found that I can feel (temperature wise) the inflamation in these joints. to me, I can sense an increase in temperatre, akin to a fever localized to the joint in question... It's not psychosomatic, I've had others feel the joints and be able to tell me which ones were hurting... I've had doctors examine these joints, but my luck (or misfortune) has been that every time I get to see a doctor, the affected joints are not flaring at the time... although the last one saw evidence of it.. (what
he saw he didn't divulge, but he knew which of my fingers gave me the most pain).

Long story short.. I have some similar symptoms... Every case is different. Talk it over with your doctor.. If the pred you are taking is working, the joint pain may or may not improve if you decrease the dosage... unless you believe that it might. (I think the brain is a powerful tool - if you become convinced you'll have less joint pain by reducing your pred.., your brain may talk your body into believing it.. which
may adversely affect your progress).. I just deal with the joint pain, try to walk it off when I can, suffer with it when I can't, and toss it off as the price of going after a cure/control/remission.. I see it as an added reason to sticking with my diet, etc..