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Pain in the skull

My Butt Hurts

Hey guys - I have a pain in my skull that I know isn't Crohn's related, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't related to any illness that can come about from medications.
It's not the bump where your neck meets your body, but the one above that - where your neck meets your skull I guess. Sorry for being so vague, that part probably has a name. Anyways - it's really sore and feels like I got hit with a hammer, not like a headache though.
So - some meds can give you crazy illnesses right? I know Humira can give you a dangerous fungal infection, deadly if not caught early. Doesn't menengitis start in the neck?
Now that I sound like a complete and total whackball (or a "doink" as Pen called me today) any ideas??
(completely unhelpful post warning)

are you sleeping differently at all?
new or different pillows?
havent got your head pressed against a bed head? stove?

(apologies for this interuption. seriously post time from someone please)


you can do your own assessment for meningitis. Try to touch your chin to your chest, if your neck is unable to move or the pain is so extreme it makes you want o vomit / cry - it is probably meningitis. Other things that can cause this sensation is a pulled muscle, trauma, tumor, infection, lymph node swelling, ear / sinus infection.
Could be slipped discs as well. I was fine, woke up one morning and couldn't get out of bed. Do you have full range of motion to both sides?

My Butt Hurts

Oh thanks Jed - I was sleeping with my head against the stove! Problem solved!! (sarcasm)
Actually Jed, I don't think it was from sleeping. It started during the day and doesn't feel like a cramp or kink or anythingn like that. just like a big sore bruise.
Isla, I did know about that test, I just thought maybe it could be the very beginning of something.
And my dearest Drew, not sure about the full range of motion. Could you come and check that for me??

It's a teeny bit better today, but still there. Maybe it's from looking down at the computer keyboard too much. I've been on chat (and steamy PMs) WAY too much lately.
Oops! DId I say that??

We shall see how tomorrow feels.