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Pain is back-One month of Humira and tapering off Pred

I've had my two loading doses of Humira (4 shots then two weeks later 2 shots) I'm coming up to my next injection and I was feeling good after my second dose. I was having normal bowel movements and no urgency to use the bathroom after eating, even though my appetite diminished significantly. I was on 20mgs of Prednisone and Dr. said that I could go down to 15 since it looked like the Humira was working, so I started 15 on Friday and the next day started having pains again and urgency to go. Bowel movements went from 1 or 2 a day to 6 or 7. I'm having a constant subtle pain and more severe pain after eating. Today, I felt like I almost wasn't going to make it to the bathroom in time.

Could this mean that I have significant scar tissue and not just inflammation? Or, could it just be the initial come down from tapering off and maybe I just need to give it a few days for my hormones to get in check?

I'm scheduled for a call with my Dr tomorrow to see if I need more scans.

In the past I've only ever needed Prednisone to get better, but it's been 18+ years with this disease now and I feel like I might have developed scar tissue. The pain I'm having is worse than I've had in past flares.

Any insight or similar stories would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to talk to the dr tomorrow but just wanted to see if anyone has experienced these same issues.

Thanks so much!!
Corticosteroids are a powerful drug. As well as being an anti-inflammatory medication, they also work to suppress the immune system. They're not just masking the problem. They can't be taken long term unfortunately, so are used to bring a flare under control. I'm tapering from 40 mg right now, down to 15mg, and still only 1 bm a day. Hopefully it will continue until my Stelara kicks in. I agree with ron, you could try tapering more slowly.