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Pain killers

Hello all!!!
We are doing very well! The baby is growing like a weed and is very healthy!
I had to stop nursing due to the Asacol, it is not known as to whether it would have a bad affect so we just stopped. And I am still having to take Lortabs pretty regularly so it was just better to stop. When I stopped nursing my Crohns flare improved within a week! Crazy huh?
I still take an average of 2 lortabs a day due to joint pain, occasional stomach pains, etc...
As most of you know I have only been diagnosed with Crohns since November and I am still trying to figure it all out LOL.
Will I just have to continue taking pain killers? I dont particularly have any side effects from them. I am just wondering if this is "normal."
There are days when I can take one or even half of one and Im fine and then I have days where I have to take three, but never more than that.
I just didnt know if there would come a point when the pain would ease up and I could taper off?
I have never taken any pain killers. Whenever I complained my docs they would say, "the way to treat the pain is to treat the disease", and in other words, deny me the pain killers. I have had severe joint pain, especially in my hips and some days I would just have to stay in bed, I couldn't walk without a cane, etc. I used tylenol and a heating pad to take the edge off. About a month ago they started me on Humira which I think is specifically for the joint pain and it's helped a lot, but I still have a slight soreness.

In contrast, a few years ago I had a massive infection in my leg and three doctors I came across handed over a script for pain, acute pain rather than chronic, even though I didn't ask for one.

My speculation is that the chronic nature of our disease and pain puts us at risk for addiction if we are prescribed the heavy duty stuff. The other thing that I think they take into consideration is that long term use of narcotics take a toll on one's liver and kidneys and as Crohn's patients we are already at risk of liver disease as it is. But there are a lot of folks on these boards that end up in emergency room because of unmanageable pain, so there ya go. Not sure what to make of it all. No good answers here.