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Pain management

Mine will not either. My PCP will not either. I was referred to a pain management doctor. Same meds but another doctor to oversee and make sure not too much or at risk of addiction. just the way insurance is fighting the opiate problem.


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We have an opiate problem and the real victims are patients who are unable to get prescriptions since politics has entered the medical system. Having said that I have been lucky to have a family physician who prescribes them for me. I keep the dose low with percocet and have done so for many years, and they provide that deep pain relief I need. Without them my quality of life would be poor. Its a sad reality that patients are left in the dark living their lives out in pain, while the attention surrounds the politics of addiction.
I'm also interested in what others are doing for pain management. Last summer I came out of a 15 year remission & the Humira (which had been working great) has sadly stopped working. Testing for antibodies, colonoscopy, CT, etc... to figure out next steps but in the meantime I'm in horrible pain now nearly every day, even will full bowel rest. I've been addicted to narcotics in the past with previous flares & am hesitant to go down that road again but the pain is getting to the upper limits of what I can tolerate with only Tylenol. Any recommendations would be most welcome!
Might be worth researching Gabapentin - definitely investigate both the pros and cons- though definitely taper off it if you do use it.

NB I am not a medical professional etc etc
I was able to get 50 MG of Tramadol for my Crohn's pain. It helps temporarily but there is risk of addiction although less addictive than other opiods like Vicodin etc. Less side effects for me too. A simple heating pad has also helped me at times. Hope you found something that works for you.