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Pain Meds

What do you to take when you need something for pain - not extreme pain its just constant ?

I have Tramacet, but I like to save it until the pain gets really bad to the point I can't sleep. I also have a few Percoset that I save until I am contemplating the hospital.

So what are some of the other options out there?
I have found dextropropoxyphene (Darvocet, Digesic) to be a reasonable general mild pain reliever. It is very easy on the guts too (unlike codeine.)


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kllyeve, Unfortunately there are not that many options. NSAIDS are out. That leaves acetaminophen and aspirin as otc options. I have been having surgeries every 4 months since last November. I have quite a bit of pain. I take Norco for my pain, witch is Hydrocodone and acetaminophen. I'm sure you know that too much acetaminophen can be hard on the liver. And Hydrocodone can be addictive and aspirin is hard on the stomach so no matter what you do. You must proceed with caution!


My dog has hands!
Thanks for catching that Rebecca. That means as far as otc. All there is, is acetaminophen. There are prescription meds for intestinal cramping, but I never found them helpful.
Tramadol works for some people but it didn't seem to help me at all. It's worth giving a try though. I used to take hydrcodone but it didn't seem to help my pain too much so now I take dilaudid as needed. What works for some may not work as well for others. I would give tramadol a try though. Hope yr pains gets better soon.
Ended up taking a tramacet even though I was trying to hold off. I just don't want to "use up" or have those levels of pain relief become useless.
I was put on hydromorph-contin It's a time release dilaudid
I'm in pain most of the time so find that helps alot. When I have pain on top that I take 4mg of ir dilaudid.
Both of those come with the risk of addiction so might not be the best choice it's just what works for me. Maybe check out something that is time released but not as strong

One thing I really like about the opiate oPtion is that it stops the multiple trips to the bathroom.