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Pain meds?

Again I am new to all of this so I have a million questions. Do any of you experience pain with this with out without a flare-up? I am sure the answer is yes, but the doctors I have been dealing with around where I live practically treat me like I am a junkie when I say I am in pain. How do you convince them that IBD is and can be painful? Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Up until my recent diagnosis I rarely took tylenol.
They aren't going to give you pain meds because they believe it will stop you up and could lead to toxic megacolon or other issues. Tramadol is the most they will prescribe, which basically does nothing. The only real relief you can get is cannabis. And, at least the doctors I have talked to about it, claim they would use it in my situation. I never experienced pain (besides fissures/hemmorhoids) without a flareup but I sure as hell did with the flareup.
Dear TLC,
MY name is Kim, I completely understand how you are feeling :ymad: I was on vicodin for years and now just Tramadol (non narcotic) Everytime I have been to the ER they make me feel worse re: pain meds...... It really sucks. I have lots of issues beside Crohns, fibro., RA, hypothyroidism, sjogrens syndrome, muscle and joint pain, bone pain always. You r not crazy u need an advocate everytime u go to the Dr. Or ER they will treat u completely different:yfaint: Just a thought.... What u have is real and painful we all know that :grr1d:
If you're not flaring you shouldn't be having crohn's pain unless it's something else or maybe something related to crohn's, fissures etc.

Are you taking crohn's meds right now? What is the doctor telling you?

At one appointment at the peak of my first flare, I was starting to look like death and hunched over in pain and they still said stick with tramadol because of the risk with opiates and flares. They almost took me to the hospital but thankfully the meds started kicking in a week after that.

Kittykelly im so mad they treated you that way when its obvious with the conditions you have you are in a lot of pain.

I have been in severe pain and discomfort from UC and the doctor prescribed percocet. it helps with pain but not the discomfort and overall feeling of sickness, but does allow me to get some sleep when I need it.

I have tried using cannabis (although not legal where I live yet) and found that it provides both physical and mental comfort, and was the first time in months I hadn't felt sick.

the only other advice I can give is that I have found that an extremely hot bath helps me in the times when the pain almost seems too much to bare and the percocet is wearing off. I'm new at this too but I hope this helps.

feeel better