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Pain relief patches/Creams


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Hi all

I've been having joint pain for a long time and the only pain meds that are working are cocodamol or stronger, while I do not take them any more often then I have to I don't want it to be a long term thing. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about over the counter pain patches and creams and the suitability of using these with crohns? I will of course run it by my doctor as well just wanted some opinions.

I spoke to a pharmacist a while ago about the same thing and the only thing she could give me was deep heat, I'm sure she mentioned something about absorption with others. I can't help with patches but I think there are some kind morphine based ones.
I was going to post a similar question to this yesterday. I have asked various Drs before about what other pain meds are available but don't get very far they just offer co-codamol or tramadol both I am not able to function on they make me feel sick and send me into my own little world.
I have tried some of the gels that contain diclofenac when my crohns was more under control but I am not going to risk NSAID in any form when I am already having blood loss from an active flare. I have tried deep heat and deep freeze and I just find them annoying because it feels weird and I still have pain from my joints lol.
I have a rheumatology appointment Wednesday so I was going to ask again then and see what they come up with.