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How many people get horrible bowel pain and urgency? I've been feeling off for so long, i can't remember what's normal anymore...Is it normal to get cramping with the urge to have a BM? I don't think so, but i odn't even know anymore. LOL. i am starting to feel a little better with the flagyl/cipro, but i'm still having a lot of pain with urgency....OOH, and my poops have been really normal-ish! YAY!
That's the prob I'm having

I get bad cramping pains and almost imediate need too bm

but then it's a strain too do so???

Plus it feels same weather is an actual bm or jus a bout of wind
I can no longer tell ATM I jus get cramps an do the Usain Bolt
Hey Pam, I wonder too how much of what I feel is normal for everyone and how much is Crohn'sey.

I pretty much most of the time only poop in the morning and it's almost always formed/normal (I THINK!!) . But it always comes on pretty sudden. I will be up for about 15-20 minutes and then it is often a mad rush to the loo. I doubt if I could hold it if I had to! I haven't had much pain lately but have had that with the urgency in the past.

I wonder if nornal people have this too? I don't suppose anyone here will be able to answer that one! ;)
Rob, that's exactly how i feel...sometimes i feel all this for nothing....or just a little pebble, but it's not hard and constipated, it's soft. Weird. it's funny, because i feel like i have to go right away and couldn't hold it, but then when i actually sit to do my business it's not an immediate thing. dang bowels.

Very true, most 'normal' people don't really like to talk that much about their poop either, so even if it was normal, they'd probly never tell. LOL I have a friend and my mom who are willing to talk poo with me, but both have IBD's. LOL
We are willing to talk poo as well LOL!
Same situation here - getting more "normal formed ones" but the mornings are still the worst meaning that 1-2 BM's within a very short time and I'm always running like an express train to the loo. Never gets a "pre-warning" of more than a few seconds before its time to do business - very strange indeed.
Yea that's the worst part the "no warning"

ive got my crohns flair up in my lower rectum area so when I sit on a seat etc that's a bit hard I get instant urgency too go but wen i get there - nothing
Interesting....My pathology reports were inconclusive for IBD, but they did find inflamation and ulcers in my rectum, so i wonder if that has something to do with it.
Wel yea I'd say that wouldn't be good

that's what I got bad inflamation an ulcers plus few other things they said
hence why im in hospital ATM

my dr suggested at home too try one those bum rings too sit on too relieve the pressure when sitting
mite help a tad