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Pain when breathing


I may of posted a similar thread a while ago but didn't get much advice, so I just want to see if anyone taking methotrexate has a similar problem.

So I take methotrexate injection every Friday evening 15mg. On Saturday especially in the morning It is painful when breathing, even more so when I attempt to take a deep breath, I get a sharp pain and makes me cough (dry cough).

It has happened for a few months now but I just ignored it, or made an excuse that it was a chest infection or a cold etc...

Now I have to assume it is down to the methotrexate and wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any advice.


Do you have it at other times too? Do you get out of breath when walking even a few blocks? I almost died of pulmonary embolisms, I told a doctor about the breathlessness but he just brushed me off. Two weeks later I was in ICU fighting for my life. Crohn's can cause Deep Vein Thrombosis, and when one gets loose it can go in the lungs. If it sounds like that at all, please go see a doctor asap. I didn't have any noticeable swelling of the leg.
I have never been on the injections you mention, but when I have a severe flare and lose a lot of wait this happens. Are you getting better from the injections?