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Pain while pooping

pain while pooping

Hi all,

Well haven't been on much lately, have been healthy and busy!! Yah.

Im just wondering if anyone else gets pain while pooping?
I have been experiencing pain while trying to have a BM, which are normal at the moment, it doesn't feel internal but more near my exist point!! :)
I also notice some blood afterwards.
Could this be haemorrhoids or something else. I have felt down there but can't feel anything sticking out etc. I go for another scope in a week and wonder if I should mention it to my GI beforehand or just see if he notices anything during the scope.

Thanks again guys.
I have crohns in my rectum along with a fissure and a fistula. I get pain when I poop. Sometimes I find sitting on a heating pad for 15 min afterward helps. If its really bad I will take a bath. Fortunately my disease never involves a lot of D or I would be in the bath all day long. I actually have a hard time passing BMs when the inflammation is really bad as there is not much room for it to come out.


Probably wouldn't hurt to mention it before the scope, if it's really causing you alot of trouble. Is the blood bright red?
Yeah the blood is bright red so must be fresh.

I don't have D's at the moment.. just cains when Im trying to poop I end up having to hold on to the sides of the toilet cause Im in so much pain :( Then my butt hurts for a while afterwards until it settles back down.

Im not aware I have any issues from crohns in this area but who knows, might be best just to mention to my GI before scope so at least he can check it out then while Im knocked out and don't have to be embarrassed while he checks out my butt!!
Def. mention it. Sometime my blood is fresh and sometime its pink and mixed with mucus. It varies. The perfect time to check is while you are knocked out, so why not mention it.
Thanks guys there is much I still don't understand about this disease its all so confusing at times. I don't really know what fistulas are and from what I have read on here about people having them I really hope its not one of those and just plain haemorrhoids...

Will speak with my GI cause its def better to get them check while Im out of it...
It sounds like it might be a fissure. I had a fissure, just as you describe (so much pain, holding on to the toilet, etc). I would end up not going for days because I was afraid of the pain which just made things worse because when i would go, I would have really 'big' movements and it would just bleed and hurt so much.

A fissure is a tear in the skin, and every time you have a BM it tears the fissure back open... Ouch. Try sitz baths, and using some kind of anti-biotic ointment so it doesn't get infected.
Oh no don't tell me that :( Was so going with the haemorrhoids.. but I don't have alot of experience with any of them and someone told me they stick out if its a haemorrhoid so it must be something else like a fissure... Boo.

Thanks Ms I will have to see about gettnig an ointment probably best even if it is just a H don't want to get an infection after being good for so long. Maybe the no medication route isn't working out as well as I had thought. Will waiting and see what my GI says in a week and a half.
Thanks guys makes me feel better to be able to talk about it with others that understand... not like I can go up to my bestie and say hey I have extreme pain when I poop and some bleeding do ya think its Haemorrhoids... all while we sit there drinking coffee!! Nice.
Sorry to hear ya goin through this Tan

I got cd in the lower region so wen I hav a bm it's quite painful
they way I can only describe it is , it's like trying to force tennis ball through a garden hose -ouch!
And then there is the blood

sometimes it get the urgency to go but nothin happens maybe jus some gas ( this can happen like 3-4 times in a row within several mins with me rushin for the thunda box but zilcho happens )
then when I do go i get the pain an strain even tho I felt like I wasn't gonna be able to hold it back long enough to reach the loo

as for telling your specialist, hell yes you should
because if it hurts with a bm it's gonna Hurt with a scope
so they will need heavily sedate u so u wil be more comfertable as it will be very tender down there
i use a cream called triple care it's a barrier type cream wen it gets bad, does help a fair bit
not sure what else is avail here in Australia, not mention bit embarrassing askin at the chemist etc for it
My GI said that if the blood is bright red and only seen on the toilet paper (not in the toilet) then it's probably haemorrhoids or fissures and both are quite common (with crohn's and in general population). He says if it's fissures then just make sure to stay really clean and try not to summon too much force during BM :) and things should heal on their own.
I was having this for almost a year. I had ulcers in the rectum that would bleed bright red on the paper, and I also had mucus coming from them but not always. Cortfoam is what you need, that will heal them.
Thanks guys for all the advice.. will def point it out to my GI before my scope.. and your right Rob def want more sedation as it is going to cain!

I dont think my poor butt can take much more been to the toilet 4 times today no D just normal but it hurts each time and feels like razor blades :( Im really starting to dread going to the toilet. Actually today has concerned me a bit that I may be starting to flare again as I generally go to the toilet only once a day but today has spiked a bit. Also my back is killing me big time. I almost feel like being sick it is hurting that much.. keeps giving me really bad tension headaches. I think it is all stemming from my hip which is currently inflammed since stopping meds at the end of Jan. Boo... oh well thats life will keep going. At least its Easter holidays which is great to be able to relax!
Thanks again everyone.
Im 15 and I have been having this for awhile and I don't know what it is but it hurts very much to go to the bathroom when pooping and the pain gets so bad I cry and grab onto anything I can to try and not scream. It also makes me feel like I'm going too throw up. Does anyone know what this is? please email me at alylovesracing@aol.com thank you
My dd winces at every bathroom trip, the morning ones are the worst. She has a lot of blood and is inflamed throughout colon & intestines. I thought the pain just went along with the crohns and was just part of it. I'll discuss the pain with her GI, as I just dismissed that symptom figuring that just the way it is. Thanks.
I have been having constipation issues for the last 2 weeks!!! It's aweful I was crying today I had a headache and sweating and majors cramps I thought I was going to vomit!!!! I wanted to die!!!! And then the sore bottom put a call in to the GI started Remicade and Methatrax not sure if it's that!!! Does anyone take a stool softeren??? This disease just stinks!!!!!!!! Thanks
A shortened version of my CD history:

* April 1993 - surgery for suspected appendicitis/ovarian cyst led to removal of appendix and pre-diagnosis of Crohn's Disease
* June 1993 - colonoscopy and diagnosis of CD; started sulpha meds and prednisone
* January 1999 - months of abdominal pain led to 2 week hospitalization, I & D of abdominal abscess; central line & TPN
* January-July 1999 - open, packed wound while doctors look for fistula
* July 1999 - another 2 week hospitalization for bowel resection and fistulectomy
* Spring 2009 - four hour surgery to remove scar tissue and adhesions from previous surgeries and to have hysterectomy (still have left ovary)

In between these times, I have either been on meds or in remission. There have been periods where I have had symptoms but haven't been on meds.

Currently, I am experiencing some left-sided lower abdominal pain, painful pressure (anal) and pain on defecating, though I am not experiencing diarrhea. I have wondered for some time if I may have a stricture or partial blockage as my stomach distends and hardens after eating. It may stay that way for days.

I have never had rectal involvement before and it doesn't feel like a fistula. No bleeding, so I don't think it's hemorrhoids. It really feels like inflammation or something else that is causing difficulty in passing stool.

Any ideas or suggestions??

Tracy A
You should go to a doctor before it worsens. That's how it all started for me and now I'm taking steroids for inflammation. Every single time I have a BM, I burn and hurt. Two weeks ago I couldn't even poop and got two blockages. I visited the emergency room twice in the same week for this so they would give shots in my butt (Toradol and a muscle relaxant) so I could poop.

I really hope you don't get it. It's very painful and annoying, especially if you work or have children.
I have the same thing. It started 2 months ago and it is the worst of my disease. I've been in 3 proctologist, the first one say is a fistula and marked a cirurgy for the next day but I refuse to see another opinion... The other 2 doctors say I have 2 fissure's and put me on benestare to make poop soft so don't hurt the fissure and now I'm doing hyperbaric chamber to try to heal it.

I generally just have 1bm per day, but because of crohn it come so fast and worm that it hurt and burn the fissure a lot! Benestare is great now I just have 1bm every 2 days and the poop is well formed so it just hurt but dont burn, the poop is still not soft enough so the doctor may change it later

But this **** is so hard to heal, I want to eat only modulen so I don't need to go to bathroom and it can heal, anyone know if modulen is good for that? Currently I'm waiting if the government can give me the modulen as I dont have the money to buy it