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Pain :-(

pain :-(

well,what a week it has been....on tuesday i experienced the most awful pain in the right side of my abdomen..it felt like i was having labour pains(although im not pregnant) and the pain was so bad i collapsed...ended up in A&E...was put on a morphine iv..they did x rays and said they couldnt see what was causing the pain???they wanted to keep me in..but i refused..they gave me cocodamol
so on wednesday i had an endoscopy...it says on my report..erythema and oedema in duedium bulb??
they took biopsies...i had to stop the cocodamol as it zonks me out??the doc gave me tramadol...i have to have a ct scan on the 26th aug. ...what is a ct scan???...i wonder if it will see anything...as so far..i have erythematous and inflamed ileum and now the duedium bulb???
will the scan actually finally find out what my problem is?? sorry for ranting

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Hi Starla, could it be you have never had a CT SCAN?? Well let me tell you. Here in Canada are two procedures one is very recent. The put you on your side with a barium drink (on your right side) and finish it prior to a Cat Scan which they could also put an IV (small one) for contrast and put you on a table that slides in and out. They tell you to breathe and when not too. Ours is open and pretty sure all others are too, you go into a donut like circle. Some dont make you drink the barium, depends on what they want to see and where. I have inflamation and ulcers in my Ileum and two resections so that is where they look for me.

Problem is you have to wait for the results..nothing to it. You could be obstructing and narrowing and that pain is unbelievable and they are checking for strictures or narrown.
You could have an abcess collecting in that area as well, so dont worry they are catching it quick and that is a quick appt! :hang:
aww thankyou so much for your reply!!..no ive had all other tests just not a ct scan..im so fed up tonight..im on the loo constantly..
i will let you know of the results from the scan..just hope they can find out for sure what is wrong and finally stop this!!
love n light
Starla, Hope your feeling better soon. Jettalady explained that well. With the contrast from the IV you will prob feel a rush of heat as it runs through your veins but does not take long. I found that the scary bit first one I had, only because it was a new feeling. Does not hurt. They usually keep you about half hour to make sure no allergy to the IV. Most don't have one.

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Hi Cheryl, if I havent welcomed you to the forum, I have now lol.

Yes I forgot about the contrast when it passes thru, it makes you feel like your gonna pee your pants...but ya don't!:wink:


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Hi Cheryl: So sorry about the pain; hope that you are finding some comfort now. Welcome to the forum, too. :)