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Hello my son has been very sick n I’ve posted every where on here in hopes some people might be able to help!
My son has severe pain n it started around belly button n it’s now located right lower area, he has had vomiting n diarrhea n they hospitalized him only to start out saying he has eating disorder called anorexic!!! I signed him out n he has a GI dr they came in n set up outpatient scoping both upper n lower! However he’s still losing weight. I’ve been reading n reading Econ this threads n plus some! His dr mentioned to me IBS . As maybe. His appetite is low. He’s tired n in a lot of pain this pain is bad I’ve seen him crunch over! They put him on bentyl. Prilosec n zofran! I don’t see any help here he’s home n eats small things I’ve been reading on here about trigger foods?? I need any suggestions from ppl who are dealing with this n how I can help him please