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Paleo Advocate Dead at 53

I remember seeing his username a lot. Not just here but on another message board I used to go on. For him to try and help others with a disease he himself didn't even have did not go unnoticed. Prayers to his family.
SO very sad - I'm a newbie to crohn's so I only just discovered his blog (trying to read everything i can get my hands on) and was pleasantly surprised by his intelligent and caring nature. my sincerest condolences on this great loss :(
What a tragedy. The family will be in my prayers.

I must admit, the conspiracy theorist in me makes me wonder how a guy who knew the risks and was doing what it took to be healthy and avoid such a demise still meets such a demise. A guy who was no doubt pissing off very powerful interests.

This isn't meant to be offensive, please delete this mods if it is.