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Paleo Diet - Words of Wisdom

I have crohn's and do SCD.
I just bought a book on the Paleo Diet.

I do not know much yet but I did go to a Paleo site and looked at some recipes and the few I looked at could be used without any modifications on the SCD.

I was wondering if anyone has any comments or words of wisdom. Is anyone doing this diet? Is it working?

Thank you

I eat a low fiber, paleo diet, and it has helped me considerable. One of my favorite paleo books was written by Robb Wolf. You might know this already, but if not his blog sight is at:


I also take a good amount of vitamin D3, which can be thought of as paleo - being out in the sun. I take 6000ius a day in order to reach a testing level between 60 to 70ng/ml. Learned how to properly take the vitamin - which is really a hormone - from Dr. Davis's informative sight.

"Getting vitamin D right"

Also take a healthy amount of fish oil softgels.

Good luck! Hope the diet helps you also.
Your insight regarding Vit D is very interesting. Currently I take 2000 per day but not in oil.
I think I tested last time in the high 50s. I will keep and eye on it and increase it by 1000 to get it into the 60s and 70s. If that does not get me there I will switch to oil based. I was just thinking, that perhaps because I eat a pretty high oil based diet and I take my D with meals, perhaps the relity is that I am taking the vit D right now with oil. In any case the artilce was interesting. I booked marked it and I will go back.

I do not yet know of rob wolf. In fact I really no almost nothing about the diet. So thanks for that also.
I hope I bought the right first book, I think it is called the Paleo Solution.

Over the last week I have not felt as good, and I am eating nut butter. I understand this diet says not to eat this. It is these types of things that I am looking forward to learing about so I can tweak my current diet.
Again thanks
In addition to his book of the same name, Robb Wolf also has a podcast called The Paleo Solution.
There are a couple of other good paleo-esque books out there, too. The Paleo Diet (and accompanying cookbook) was written by Cordain who is Wolf's mentor. Primal Blueprint (with yet another cookbook) is another in the vein, but has different rationales behind his science. Of the main three, Wolf's is my favorite. A bio-chem researcher by trade, as well as being able to build on the current research of others (like Cordain), his book seems the most complete.

But I would definitely recommend Wolf's podcast. Primarily a fitness podcast, he addresses diet's effect on autoimmunes, leaky gut, IBDs, etc. on a fairy regular basis, too.
Thanks Erin

Seems like you have taken me by the hand and are walking me down the paleo path :smile:

I look at this over the weekend