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Paleo Diet

Hi All

I know I keep asking similar questions but I only have a short time left before I have to approach my GP in regards to which hospital I am going to attend for my investigations

I am wondering if anybody here is following the Paleo diet and if you are would you be able to give me the name of a gastoenterologist in the UK that has some understanding of the Paleo Diet

Kindest regards

I follow the paleo diet. But sorry Im in Canada and my doctor doesnt think diet affects crohn's. But I have been having great success with the diet. :)
I may be wrong, but i would think that the paleo diet could help alleviate some of the symptoms that flare up due to certain foods you have. Since the paleo diet is general low in the glycemix index and limits the amount of startchy foods you have, i bet it would be good for your diet.

I usually try not to listen to what a doctor says 100% of the time, they're usually just guessing anyways :)
If I am in remission will crohns still show up on tests?

Hi All

I follow a diet similar to the Paleo, not quit the same, but very similar. It has eased my symptoms by 90%.

As yet I have not been diagnosed with crohns

Personally I think there is a very high chance this is crohns but of course it could be something else

One thing I am certain of is that my illness originates in the ilium. I cannot hold starch, lactose, or sucrose there, similar to the SCD diet claims

Fursther more the feeling I get there is indicative of crohns. as soon as food eats this area I get a scratching feeling like sand paper, I feel like the whole of my intestine is inflammed and next thing I know my sacroiliac joint is pulsating with pain. as this continues the same thing happens across my hips up to my neck. All the time this is going on I have stwisting sensations in my colon along with dreadful diarhea. I even loose control of my bowel sometimes when this is going on. And I end up with terrible pain in every single joint. When the flare stops (say 3 days later) my bowel becomes more settled but is very tender, and my sacroiliac joint aches and my other joints are weak

Anyway fortunately now i am on this diet 90% of this has gone. I am still very much aware that my ilium is tender and the other points of my body that i have just mentioned are weak and tender, but my flares have stopped

What i want to ask you is this. If this is crohns will it still show up on tests. this could be classed as remission, if it is would the crohns still show up on tests

Kindest regards