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Palpitations on LDN??

:( I'm so sad....my GI doc just told me to stop taking LDN. For the past 2 weeks I have had "chest" symptoms. First, left-center chest pain which transformed into accelerated heart-feeling. I went to the ER last Thurs-everything was normal. I've been on 6mg of Entocort since June 13th and LDN since June 2 (1.5mg); 2-3 weeks later (3mg); a week later (4.5mg)...maybe I increased too quickly? I really thought it could be the Entocort! So I tapered myself last Friday to 3mg lol....is it ok to bump it back up to 6mg? :/ I thought since my case is mild, I'd be able to be anti-conventional meds. Maybe I could restart LDN sometime in the near future..
I would expect the corticosteroid to be the cause of your palpitations.
Adverse reactions, occurring in patients treated with ENTOCORT EC 9 mg (total daily dose) in short-term active disease state studies and/or ENTOCORT EC 6 mg (total daily dose) long-term, with an incidence less than 5% and greater than placebo are listed below by system organ class:

Cardiac disorders: palpitation, tachycardia
A lack of magnesium can also cause heart best irregularities. Caffeine used to give me this problem until I started taking a magnesium supplement.

Another symptom of low mag is hearing loss or tinnitus.

Make sure you get enough.