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Pancreas Problems from Imuran

Hi All, So I started taking Imuran in January for my Crohn's and was at 50 mg for two weeks and was supposed to go up to 100 mg on day 14. Well come day 15 I was really sick to the point where I was shivering, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea etc...The whole enchilada....so my husband was concerned that I had gotten the flu so I didn't take the Imuran the next day and all of a sudden my problems went away. Day after I thought I would try and stretch out my doses in case it was the drug. Well within 2 hours I was in severe pain and back to the bad symptoms. So since I have not taken the Imuran I have been fine. I talked to my doctor today and was told that my blood levels I did last week showed an elevated amylase enzyme. From what I have been reading it has to do with the pancreas, has anyone had problems with taking the Imuran and their pancreas?


Sports Crohnie
Hi Sunfire and welcome!
I'm on 6-mp (similar to Imuran). I have not had pancreas issues, but when I went from 50mg to 75mg, my ALT and other liver blood test levels spiked so I was immediately taken down to 50mg where things returned to normal. I did not experience the side effects you are having, however.
Yes it is a Major concern that needs to be watched for closely. It was fully explained to me before starting that this was a risk and the damage was fully reversible.