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Pancreatic Lesion

Hi All,

Over the past few years I have been monitoring a pancreatic lesion. They say its either a cyst or a branch duct Intrapapillary Mucinous Neoplascm (IPMN). When I spoke with my GI doc he said there may be some low grade pancreatitis causing this. Anyone have any experience with this? My crohn's is actually relatively well controlled. Any input would be appreciated. I'm on Stelara and sulfasalazine.

my little penguin

Staff member
Can you get a second opinion ?
Sometimes Gi who are really good with crohns are less so with other areas ?
Some specialize in stomachs etc…
When did they find the lesion? At dx ?
Prior to meds?
Is it getting worse ?
Ds has not had pancreatitis
Tagging @Pilgrim i think she dealt with this before ….maybe ???,

Is the sulfanazine doing anything ??
I know my kiddo was on Pentasa at the start
Later switched to asacol hd whole other meds were added and substracted
At one point he was still taking while on remicade
We asked if it was doing anything …
Gi thought it was but was willing to trial off for a week or two
In his case the asacol was doing nothing when he was in remicade
It made no difference that it was stopped …

Hope you get answers soon