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I have posted this in the EIM"s forum but since it also relates to the undiagnosed I will post here as well...

It would appear that pancreatitis is one of the lesser known extra intestinal manifestations of IBD. I am speaking of pancreatitis outside the realm of a known diagnosis of IBD and medication prescribed that may precipate the condition.

I have been reading up on this for a while now as Sarah was admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of Pancreatitis 10 days prior to her emergency surgery and diagnosis.

Articles that discuss the link between the two point to pancreatitis either being acute or chronic but regardless of it's presentation it was an extra intestinal manifestation that often preceded the clinical manifestations of IBD.

Although this EIM ocurs in only a small proportion of patients it may be something to consider if you are undiagnosed and have persistent upper abdominal pain, particularly if it is epigastric (stomach area). It may also radiate through to the back.

Tests to help diagnose pancreatitis include ultrasound and bloods that test for serum amylase.

Dusty. :heart:
Thank you for that dusty. I don't believe we've spoken on here before so it's nice to meet you too! I've seen lots of your other posts however and I know that you're certainly a woman in the know! I do get back pain as well which I used to think was just 'normal back pain' which most people suffer with?! After a year of this undiagnosed state I'm not so sure as the back pain can also appear as if from nowhere and can ease up again in much the same way.

It's nice to meet you all the same anyway and I hope that both Matt and Sarah are doing well, and yourself for that matter?! Take care and I'm sure we'll speak again soon!

I am convinced my more severe flares are actually pancreatitis. The one time I was tested during one of these my amylase came back high in blood. But as the stool sample weeks afterwards was normal nothing more was said or done. Also during a non-flare an ultrasound was normal.
I really am convinced but I don't feel confident enough to tell this to my Rheumy. If it happens more often I will have to, I have had many minor "attacks" but only 2 major, had to go to A&E first time and I should have done second!
I didn't know it was a complication of IBD.Pancreatitis is also a complication of azathioprine so this puts IBD sufferers at even higher risk.
I'm sorry. My roommate had it in college and it made her misrable but we came up with lots of fun recipes like baked doritos and fat free cream cheese.

Good luck!!


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Pancreatitis is nasty! I had it a few months before having my gallbladder removed. My brother has had several cases of it, but he hasn't had his gallbladder removed. We are both Crohnies, who have also had that nasty extra intestinal symptom. Ugh! I am so glad to be rid of that nasty vile of bile!


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Thanks for the info Dusty. And I swear, is there anything that IBD'ers are NOT more prone to getting??? It seems like this stupid illness affects every single cell in the body, bar none!

Personally, I've had an abdominal ultrasound and my pancreas appeared fine so this has been ruled out for me. The ultrasound was done during an attack of horrible stomach-area pain, and my GI ordered an ultrasound of my entire upper abdo - liver, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, etc. All looked fine so it was determined to be gastritis.