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Panic Stations

So not been around for a good while as the Crohns has been well under control and just been living a normal life..yaay!

However last few weeks I have been have really painful, frequent D mainly after eating.

Feeling weel within myself and all my blood work is normal so my thoughts are that is is IBS rather than a flare of the crohns.

So is it possible to be suffering from IBS while being a crohnie?

Also what are my next steps to find out the cause?
I am really trying not to worry about it too much as we all now what worrying does for us........FECK ALL OTHER THAN MAKE THINGS WORSE;)


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I think it is possible to have IBS and IBD.I know I'm a crohnie and I'm sure I have IBS too.
Try a bland diet for a few days,rice,chicken,toast,clear soup and see how the D. goes.Of course it could also be the beginning of a flare.Take note of any other symptoms and get in touch with your GIs office or G.P. Let's know how your doing.
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Yes, developing IBS after having IBD is surprisingly common. It's sometimes referred to as "IBD with an IBS overlay." One of the major diagnostic dilemmas that GIs face is when an IBD patient who has been under control has a recurrence of diarrhea. Is it an IBD flare or is it an IBS overlay? Hard to say some times. Colonoscopy is often performed and fecal calprotectin is sometimes tested as ways to help distinguish the two.
I have both and am currently on steroids again while they work out if my current flare is a crohns flare or ibs acting up. Ive had the blood, stool sample and scan done to test it all.